Home blessing spell 

Before you start the blessing for your home it is advisable to clean your house.  Sorry…I know housework is boring but it makes sense to clean your home from top to bottom first.  Once you are done if you have a besom (broom) it also adds a bit of magic cleansing to sweep the house symbolically.  Sweep from the back of the house to the front, sweeping all the negative energy out of the door.   

You will need:

Salt in a small bowl

Essential oil - your favourite scent

A candle

A few grains of rice

A square of fabric

Carry the bowl of salt to the back of the house and work your way around each room from the back to the front, downstairs to up.  Sprinkle a pinch of salt in each corner or every room, on each window sill and above all the doorways. 

As you sprinkle the salt say:

I cleanse and purify this room to dispel any negative energy

Once each room has been sprinkled with salt light the candle.  Take the candle in one hand and your oil in the other hand.  Go through each room again, place the candle in the centre of the room as you anoint all the doorways and window frames with the oil saying:

I call upon the divine/angels/deity to bless this home, may it be forever filled with love, laughter and happiness

When you are done sit quietly and watch the candle burn down.  Once it is nearly finished snuff the candle.  Anoint the candle stub with your essential oil, sprinkle some grains of rice on it and wrap it in the piece of fabric.   Place the bundle under your front door mat or as close to your front door as you can, saying:

All who pass through this door

Bring happiness, blessings and more




Image - Alex Holyoake/Unsplash