Banishing mirror spell


Use this mirror spell to banish financial problems (or anything else for that matter, use the basic framework and adjust the chant to your requirement).


You will need:

A small mirror

Essential oil – your choice but something that banishes, so dragon’s blood or clove would work well.


Work this spell on a waning moon if possible.  Hold the mirror in front of you and visualise a bright white light filling the mirror working from the outer edge into the centre.  Then pop a dab of essential oil on your finger and dab it in the centre of the mirror, drawing out from there in a spiral to the edge of the mirror.


You can chant at this point, something like:


Mirror, mirror reflect for me

As the moon begins to fade

As the night turns to day

Release the night, turn on the light

Dispel bad luck and negativity

Financial worries let me be free


Place the mirror where it won’t get knocked over but if possible put it so it faces outwards, perhaps through a window.



Photo by Inga Gezalian on Unsplash