Rosehips are the fruit of the rose bush but then that isn’t a big surprise is it?  If the rose blossoms are left on the plant and allowed to drop their petals, they will form a seed pod that is known as the rose hip.

As children we would pick rosehips and split them open to get the fibrous hairs from inside because it made excellent itching powder…however it does have other more magical uses.

The rose is associated with the planet Venus and the element of water so it makes sense that they can be used in any love, friendship or peace workings. 

Add rosehips to pot pourri to bring peace and calm to your house.  Drop rosehips into a ritual bath or add to medicine pouches and charm bags.  You can also pop them in incense blends.

With the element of water present rosehips can be used in cleansing rituals or baths and can be added to witches bottles or medicine pouches to bring healing.

If you feel the need to draw love into your life you can work a rosehip love spell.  String rose hips with a needle and thread to create a necklace.   Charge the necklace with your intent to send energy out into the universe to draw a perfect mate to yourself, don’t be specific as the universe usually knows what is best for you, often better than you do yourself.  Wear or carry your necklace with you when you go out.

Rose hip tea with a drop of honey can be shared with your beloved one to inspire the beginnings of a romantic evening…oooh la la…

Place rosehips around your home to bring harmony and peace especially if there have been recent arguments, it will clear the air.  Tuck them into drawers and cupboards or on window sills and the top of door frames.


Rosehip Magical Properties:

Love, psychic powers, healing, luck, protection, peace, mysteries, knowledge, dreams, friendship, death and rebirth, abundance

Ruling planet – Venus, Moon

Sign - Pisces

Element – Water


Gender – Feminine