This problem came to me from a pagan couple who are members of CoS: “The past year has been an horrendous one for my family with serious illness, financial worry, personal upsets and coping with an aging parent.  Apart from the ongoing health problems, my partner and I seem to have the problems sorted but thought we’d like to carrying out a thorough cleansing of ourselves on a psychic level.  Any suggestions?”  SBW (Wembley)


Excellent. But before going for psychic cleansing, try a physical, mental and emotional one. Stage One should be a physical cleansing, or a detox along the lines of the old anti-social ‘cabbage soup diet’ to rid the body of all its impurities. You might have your own preferred methods of detoxing but combine this with drinking plenty of water to flush the system.  This is a purely practical exercise with no magical connotations except that it leads to the purification of the body on a holistic level.


Step Two entails getting rid of all the mental problems that we create for ourselves - things we start worrying about that soon become insurmountable problems for no real reason - mountains and molehills spring to mind. This should help you at work. A good clear out of all the little niggling problems that you shouldn't need to worry about. Both of you make a list (separately) of all your 'mental' problems and one by one bring them out into the open ... then cast them into the fire. Concentrate on the REAL problems and mentally put them into separate boxes to be dealt with as and only when necessary. This is when you can start to think: "Why the hell was I worrying about that?" and establish communication with regard to the things that have been worrying you.


 Stage Three: Because you’re both on an emotional roller-coaster at the moment we’ve got to be careful how we go about an emotional cleansing. With the physical and mental issue it was a case of having a good clear out but emotional issues aren’t so easily dealt with.  I think this should be dealt with in Circle because a) you don’t want anything else getting in and b) we need to ‘release’ any emotional baggage, not destroy it. If it’s been a while since you’ve both done any Circle working remember that the aim of this exercise is protective and at the same time allowing some light in. What we’re looking at, in fact, is a Vigil or Watch but using it as a practical magical working to allow psychic inspiration to enter your life and drive out the emotional dross without compromising your health.


It’s probably a good idea to complete your own Vigil completely separately from each other at different times and different places, while one keeps ‘watch’ over the other from OUTSIDE the Circle. Each of you will have a different take on your current emotional problems and so the Vigil will focus on you as an individual within a magical partnership, rather than as a working pair.  Since every Vigil is different and must be tailored to suit each individual, the outcome cannot be predicted and so the participant must be prepared for whatever comes your way.   The important thing to remember is that as long as you have someone watching over you to protect you from human interference, there is nothing that can harm you on the psychic level, providing all your necessary protections are in place. Cast your Circle ... one on the inside, one on the out ... and when closing down visualise your emotional hang-ups being released in the form of a large powerful bird as the Circle dissolved. If the bird is one of your power-animals so much the better.


It’s possible that this may produce an intensely emotional reaction and if you feel liked having a bloody good howl when it’s all over, do so. It’s part of the cleansing process and remember that big boys DO cry sometimes! It’s allowed!! Even if you don’t feel like discussing your experience, have a good hug without the need for words. I always recommend tomato soup laced with sherry or brandy at this stage. Your problems will no doubt bring about other emotional difficulties over the next few months but this working may help to get rid of any emotional dross without generating any magical energies that might be detrimental to your health. It just like releasing the value on a pressure cooker ... 




Needless to say, the complete details of the couple’s problems have not been included and for this reason the full instructions for the Vigil have also been omitted since it was tailor-made for the problems involved.  The ‘case history’ has been included for interest’s sake and does not betray any confidences. MD