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Hellenismos, otherwise known as Greek Reconstructionist Paganism, is the traditional, polytheistic religion of ancient Greece, reconstructed in and adapted to the modern world. It's a vibrant religion which can draw on a surprising amount of ancient sources. Baring the Aegis blogger Elani Temperance blogs about her experiences within this Tradition.

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Quieting the voice inside your head

I was going to write something completely different for this post but it didn't come off of the ground. I was over-thinking everything I was writing so for this post, I am just going to write from my heart again, even if it's not overtly Hellenic. I'm going to be writing about the little, negative, voice inside our heads and hearts and how to quiet it for long enough to be brave.

I was not born to blog or journal. I love to write, but I mostly write to be someone else for a while. This is why I love to role play. Still, I did some pseudo-journalism a few years back and I enjoyed that very much, but even then I realized that I have difficulty writing about topics I am not an expert on. I'm scared every time I hit 'publish', but I hit it none the less.

Honestly, I never thought I'd be blogging for so many of you. It makes me very feel very happy, very blessed and it also scares me shitless on days when I write about something emotional, controversial or about the Hellenic community at large. I am not an expert at Hellenismos. There are a lot of people who have been at it longer, practice in a group and/or who have come to a consensus on issues. I just read a lot. I practice a lot, too. I have my daily rituals, my festivals and my books. If you're struggling with some (online) bravery issues as well, then maybe I can offer some words of guidance and encouragement.


  • You may get negative feedback when you do something in the public's eye, but you lose out on a lot of positive feedback if you don't.
  • You have the right to speak and act, just like everyone else.
  • What you say or do, matters.
  • You may get it wrong, on occasion, and that's alright. You don't have to be perfect. Apologize, research, edit if you must and move on.
  • What you need to say, only you can say.
  • It'll feel like a small victory every time you make it through
  • I promise it'll get less scary. As I approach my hundredth post, there is only fear at the controversial topics.
I wrote about the fear of failing before, and I told you that, whenever I fear something, I turn to the Gods and heroes of my faith for solace and a confidence boost. It helps. In fact, it's a wonderful way to integrate the Gods into your life. As I wrote in that post; think of the men (and woman) on the Argo, heading off to Colchis to procure the Golden Fleece. Think of Heracles, standing in front of Eurystheus' throne as it's proclaimed he must complete ten (or twelve) labors to redeem himself after murdering his children in a psychotic break induced by Hera. Think of Perseus, who must have stood in defeat as his stepfather Polydectes proclaimed he must bring him the head of Medusa. They did it, and so can you.

All in all, that little voice inside our head is important. It warns us of when we go to far. Yet, it should not hold us back from doing the things that matter to us, our community, our Tradition and our world. Fear gives bad counsel and often times it's completely unnecessary. So the next time you need to say or do something you fear, just do it. No one is perfect. There is a lot of name calling and hating going on in the Pagan community but all in all, Pagans are awesome, intelligent and understanding people. The One True Way-ers are few and far between and usually have less bite than bark. So no fear, be brave, and quiet that voice inside your head that tells you you can't, shouldn't or must not do something. It's wrong.
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Elani Temperance is a twenty-seven year old woman, who lives with her partner in The Netherlands. She has been Pagan for a little over twelve years and has explored Neo-Wicca, Technopaganism, Hedge Witchery and Eclectic Religious Witchcraft before progressing to Hellenismos. Although her home practice is fully Hellenic, she has an online Neo-Pagan magazine called 'Little Witch magazine' ( in which she and several co-writers try to cover the whole gamut of Neo-Paganism. Baring the Aegis is also on Facebook:


  • Christine L Berger
    Christine L Berger Saturday, 25 August 2012

    I consistently read your blogs and appreciate your sharing. This one was very timely as I have been in a period of rapid change and often have to step up and act in a way that is new to me. I do not have full confidence in myself yet must act anyhow. Thanks for this one. :)

  • Elani Temperance
    Elani Temperance Saturday, 25 August 2012

    Thank you for your reply and reading my blogs. It means a lot! I want to wish you all the best with your situation. Be brave!

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