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Out of the deeps rises the mysterious lotus. Stop in for refreshment, heka, and reflections from the sacred waters of ancient Egypt.

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Soul Home

What does Egyptian religious practice look like in the 21st century?  Maybe more to the point, why do we turn for inspiration to a culture which disappeared nearly 1800 years ago?b2ap3_thumbnail_Pached1.jpg 

The second question makes me think of my friend Marion who just loves to travel.  He’s been in more countries, more times, than I can count.  He and I have mused together about how deeply one is changed by stepping outside of everyday life and being immersed in something completely new and different.  For some of us, religious travel is just the tonic needed for a weary soul. 

Certainly, I was weary when Aset and then Sekhmet began to turn up in my meditations and dreams -- the latter was a real surprise since I’d never even heard of her!  It took me some time before I finally allowed my inner self to make that long journey down the Nile.  Everywhere I looked, it seemed, the doors of my heart sprang open, welcoming what felt like long-forgotten vistas.  Meanwhile, I blossomed like a lotus opening in the morning sun to reveal its golden center.  I had found my soul home. 

But being raised in a churchgoing western culture leaves some deeply-ingrained conditioning.  How to nurture the new garden planted within?  How to make sense of the complexities of multiple Egyptian cult centers, the absorption, conflation, mixing and evolution of religious culture over the centuries? 

Inevitably, many of us turn to Egyptology, the non-religious archaeology of ancient Egypt.  This allows us to explore our own source texts, listening for the wisdom we crave in our own lives.  Few pre-Christian religions left a written legacy; those of us drawn to Egypt are blessed to have a treasure trove of religious and other documents we may study.  Even those, however, can be arcane, their meaning obscured by thousands of years and half a world of distance. 

But that very obscurity teases some of us by presenting gates through which we can pass into our own subconscious, and thereby into communion with All-That-Is.  Over the next few columns I will be discussing more about personal Egyptian practice in the hope that some standing on the shore may discover their own boat of a million years and begin their journey up the Nile.

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Holli Emore is Executive Director of Cherry Hill Seminary, the premiere educational resource for Pagan and other nature-based religions (, founder of Osireion (, editor/writer for Wild Garden: Pagans in the Growing Interfaith Landscape at, and serves on the board of directors for Interfaith Partners of S.C. (  She is co-founder of the original Pagan Round Table,, and author of "Pool of Lotus," available in print, or for Kindle or Nook, at


  • Tony Lima
    Tony Lima Tuesday, 07 June 2016

    Pagan worship concepts - nothing wrong except that many were mislead by unrealistic fears, and expectations that never materialized.
    Pagan beings could have been appointed and trained by ET's, and/or by earth Governments due to persona content found in humans much like the making of Saints since Catholicism.
    We know of a big problem that could easily have arisen in ET's settings - slave market plans.

    Do you want start to know Pagan celebrity makings?
    Start with examples by Hermes in Greek History. Observe Kabbalah examples, observe Yin-Yang-TAO, know what I know of myself without a doubt, my discovery of PSEM or Psycho-electromagnetism. You'll get a glimpse that all beings are composites of the same stuff except how they are programmed either before or after birth.
    I warn of ET's settings if any today, they can be the most dangerous of all and yet appear as the smooth answer.

  • Tony Lima
    Tony Lima Tuesday, 07 June 2016

    I'd like witches to be more reserved in this new age...
    I'd like witches to be more open to sexual love as an omnipotent attribute and that they aught to be more considerate with humans who are still latent - make such humans more inherently driven with optimal love and most of all make'm quit the teenager mama image schemes of air character powers in the face, in other words make'm be more interested in deep human passions to full explorations. I do not have annnnnnnnnnnnnnnny compassion for humans who lead other latent humans to idol being as if with air driven passions in the face; Make'm know adult passions readily awaken freely without any obligations except for respect for their own folk, and maybe quit if their folk have any resentments concerning full human adult realization.

    Witches in their rightful nature are much like unrecognized Archangels, yet they know much better about the liberty and solid realization of souls. You have a community problem with their wise knowledge of WICCA (TAO), then I can solve your problem - make sure they are reasonably private about who they help onto a more awaken path, and if that be problematic, then make'm lead their own path carefully.

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