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Divining with the Divine

Posted by on in Paths Blogs

Divination has many different forms and is a popular practice. You don't have to formally involve a deity to do divination; many of us throw down Tarot cards, runes, or bones in a somewhat casual way when we feel the need.

But there are times when you need to do something more formal, and when you need some help. The word "divination" includes the divine, after all. That's when you invite the appropriate deity and ask for their assistance. (Note that in MMP we never invoke deities, only invite them and then welcome them when they appear.)

Just as with offerings, the various deities also have preferences regarding divination. Here are some of the ones we've discovered for our Minoan deities. Bear in mind that each deity is likely to be better at helping you with situations and questions more closely allied with their energy and characteristics.

Rhea: As the Earth Mother, she prefers earthier types of divination: a handful of pebbles tossed onto the ground, for instance. Or you could seek patterns in the leaves of surrounding shrubs and trees. The more intrepid can try scrying in wood grain (yes, really!).

Therasia: The Fire Mother's preferred method of divination should be obvious. Any size or kind of flame will work: a candle, a fire in your cauldron or fireplace, a campfire, a bonfire, even the flame of a gas cookstove. Therasia can also come to your aid as you scry in a water-mirror that contains the reflection of the midday Sun.

Posidaeja: To divine with Grandmother Ocean, turn to her symbols and substances: toss a handful of seashells onto a cloth or the sand at the beach or scry in moving water (saltwater or fresh, natural like a stream or artificial like a fountain). You could also use a pendulum that has a weight that's reminiscent of water in some way (clear, pearly, or translucent blue).

Ariadne: Walk a labyrinth (full-size or a finger labyrinth) while offering up your questions to this goddess. You can also try tossing some grains of wheat or barley, by themselves or along with some pomegranate seeds, onto a cloth to see what patterns appear.

Arachne: The Lady of Fate is especially fond of helping people do divination with pendulums; choose one with a grey or black weight for best results. You could also toss some seeds onto a cloth (plaid or checkered patterns give the best results) and look for a pattern in them.

Antheia: Our Lady of Beauty has some beautiful methods of divination that she likes. Try seeking patterns in the drops of early morning dew on the plants and flowers, or in the spray of water from a fountain or even an ordinary sprinkler. You could also go the traditional route and watch a flock of geese take off, reading the patterns in their movements.

Tauros Asterion: This earthy god will help you out if you cast some natural, unpolished stones on a piece of leather and look for the patterns in them. He's pretty straightforward, so don't ask the question if you don't want to hear the answer.

Korydallos: This trickstery god can be a difficult divination partner. But if you like riddles and puzzles, try scrying in a pool of gold, either clear water in a yellow/gold bowl or a golden liquid like lemonade or mead in a light-colored bowl. And maintain patience, since you'll probably have a few layers of hidden meaning to sift through before you get to any answers.

Dionysus: His preferred divination method involves wine (no big surprise). Fill a cup or bowl with wine and scry in it, preferably by candlelight or moonlight, for some deep answers to your pressing questions.

There are many more deities in the MMP pantheon; these are just the top nine (three triplicities). But they're a good place to start. You can find more details about these deities, and how to do divination with the other members of our pantheon, in Labrys & Horns. Happy divining!

In the name of the bee,
And of the butterfly,
And of the breeze, amen.

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Laura Perry is a priestess and creator who works magic with words, paint, ink, music, textiles, and herbs. She's the founder and Temple Mom of Ariadne's Tribe, an inclusive Minoan spiritual tradition. When she's not busy drawing and writing, you can find her in the garden or giving living history demonstrations at local historic sites.


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