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Sacred Guardians: A Minoan-Themed Protection Spell

Posted by on in Paths Blogs

Today I'm sharing a spell/ritual from the new second edition of my book Ancient Spellcraft. It calls on the power of the griffin, an ancient mythological creature of great power. We have recently rediscovered the Minoan sun goddess Therasia and come to realize that the griffins are hers. If you like, you can call on her directly as you perform this ceremony. I do recommend that you develop a relationship with any deity you call on for spells and rituals, since they're not cosmic vending machines (you put in an offering and out pops a goodie).


Sacred Guardians

In ancient Crete, the sun goddess was often guarded by a pair of griffins. This fantastic mythological creature has the body of a lion and the head, claws, and wings of an eagle. These are two of the most predatory and aggressive animals in nature. The griffins flanked the goddess, one on either side of her, as her sacred guardians. Because griffins represent the mythical aspects of nature as well as the material aspects, they guard in both the natural and supernatural realms.

The famous Throne Room in the temple complex at Knossos includes an example of the goddess’ sacred griffins. The throne, a large seat on a stepped platform, is the place where a priestess reigned as the goddess during Minoan rituals. On either side of the throne, painted on the frescoed wall, was a griffin under a palm tree (palms were also sacred to the Minoan sun goddess). Unfortunately, the modern artist who reconstructed the fresco on that wall left out the palm trees, but the griffins are still there, one on either side of the throne. Here's what the original looked like, as reconstructed in the Ashmolean Museum:


Knossos Throne Room Reconstruction in the Ashmolean Museum


If you’d rather, you may choose to use lions instead of griffins for this spell. Lions were also sacred guardians of the Minoan goddess (they’re sacred to Rhea in particular, the Minoan earth mother goddess). But since they’re real creatures and not mythological ones, they can only guard on the material realm and not the supernatural. Either way, these powerful sacred guardians will lend their watchfulness and protection to your life.


The Spell

What you’ll need:

  • A photo of yourself or whomever you’ll be protecting with this spell.
  • Two figurines or pictures of griffins.

Casting the spell:

Gather your supplies and quiet your mind. Hold the two griffins in your hands and call to the goddess (you may specify Therasia or Rhea by name here if you like):

“Great Mother of All, I hold two of your sacred guardians in my hands. Awaken them to their duty, I pray you, that they may protect me and mine.”

To protect yourself or another person, place the photo of that person on your altar with the griffins on either side of it. To protect your house, place a griffin on either side of your front door, on the inside or outside. Just be sure they’re protected from the elements if they’re not weatherproof. As you place the griffins in their guardian positions, remind them of their sacred task:

“Griffins of the goddess, guard me and mine well. With the goddess’ blessing, protect what is between you with all your might.”

Every time you pass by the griffins, nod to them in respect and silently thank them, since they guard what is precious to you. Remember to thank the goddess as well for her kindness. If you like, you may also leave offerings for the griffins, either when you first set them up or later on or both. In my experience, they seem to prefer raw meat, the redder the better (beef, venison, lamb, goat). You can also meditate in front of your altar and ask them what they would like, then provide it.

In the name of the bee,

And of the butterfly,

And of the breeze, amen.



Image: "Knossos, trône royal" by Harrieta 171 is licensed under CC BY 3.0

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Laura Perry is a priestess and creator who works magic with words, paint, ink, music, textiles, and herbs. She is the founder and Temple Mom of Modern Minoan Paganism. When she's not busy drawing and writing, you can find her in the garden or giving living history demonstrations at local historic sites.


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