Memorial Day


On this day, we raise a cup


To those we have lost in battles, wars declared and undeclared


Soldiers and civilians


To those we have lost in riots and shootings, protests and strikes


Activists, workers, citizens, officers


To those who tended the wounded and dying


Nurses, medics, clergy,


To those we have lost who sought to record the truth of the battlefield


Journalists and reporters


To those we lost who protected  students and scholars, forbidden knowledge and literature from those who would destroy it


Teachers, Librarians, Scientists


To those who guard the wilderness and its creatures, and those who venture into the wild.


Rangers, Wardens, Firefighters


We honor you. We remember you.


We promise you that we carry on your tasks and your burdens, in any way we can.


For freedom and protection,


For truth and knowledge


For wisdom and nature.


For peace and for justice.


So be it. Blessed Be. Amen. Shalom.