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6 Fantastic Ways your Imagination can turn Possibilities into Reality

When you think of the imagination, do you think of it as as a sacred magical expression of your true self, or do you treat it as a childish fancy, something to be boxed away and forgotten? For many people, the answer unfortunately is the latter...they treat it as a childish fancy and as a result ignore its power, to their detriment. For even when you treat your imagination as a childish fancy you are still applying it to your life, but not in a way that truly empowers you. Your imagination is a double-edged sword and if you don't learn how to work with it as a sacred magical expression you'll miss out on applying one of the most potent magical tools you have that can help you transform possibility into reality and align fortune in your favor.

So how does imagination turn possibility into reality?

1. When you embrace your imagination, instead of compartmentalizing it, you live your life more with more intent and focus. When we are taught to compartmentalize our imaginations, to dismiss it as fanciful, we give away a significant part of our power. Your imagination is where your sense of wonder resides, that sense of innocent joy and appreciation that opens you up to the universe. By taking the step to embrace your imagination you open yourself up to that experience of appreciation of the world and this allows you to discover a part of yourself that had been lost in that compartment. How do you embrace your imagination? Stop telling yourself it's childish, and instead start enjoying how it shows up in your life. When you do that you rediscover...

2. The wisdom of the child, which isn't weighed down with adult concerns. When we've compartmentalized our imagination, what we've also locked away is that connection with the inner child. The inner child may not know everything you know, but the inner child can look at what you know with fresh perspective and ask questions that need to be asked. Those questions help you re-discover your sense of wonder AND the sacredness of imagination of as a magical expression of your will. In fact ...

3. Imagination unlocks your identity. With imagination on your side, you explore your identity and free it from all the constraints imposed on you by other people who were terrified the power of your imagination. You discover that you can become the symbol of power for your reality.  You embark on a sacred journey, a pathworking, which is a meditative experience that unlocks additional resources within you (For excellent books on this topic check out Nick Farrell's Magical Imagination: The Keys to Magic and Magical Identity by Taylor Ellwood). Your imagination teaches you to accept your identity and that acceptance aligns you with your North Star, your fortune. The pursuit of that fortune will lead you to discover untapped resources, all of which the imagination unleashes because it shows you the wonder you have within and that wonder is what changes reality. It can also help you...

4. Imagination helps you connect with the spirit worlds that are unseen and yet present. Whether you are connecting with Faerie, Angels, or Demons, or getting in touch with the sacred possibilities of your pop culture fandom, what imagination grants you is the ability to peel back the veil that masks the unseen worlds, allowing you access to allies that can help you on your journey. Of course, you want to tread carefully and make sure you respect the spirits you encounter, but if you give them respect and show that you can take care of yourself they'll be willing to work with you. We live in a rich time, able to work with the spirits of old, but also able to work with the pop culture spirits of contemporary times. In the mythologies we have available to us, imagination beckons us to connect and experience the unseen worlds. We just need the courage to do so. Imagination also beckons us to...

5. Connect with the endless possibilities that reside in Zero and turn them into embodied, manifested reality. It is in Imagination that we experience possibilities and recognize how we can turn them into reality. We discover how to step out of linear time and experience the sacred cycle of non-linear time. We discover how embrace sacred space and set up the boundaries and limitations that best allow us to manifest the desired possibilities into reality by providing them the path of embodiment. Imagination gives us the means to do all of this because it teaches to stop settling for what's been presented to us and instead start shaping reality by bringing into it the possibilities that we want to manifest. The biggest lesson imagination can teach you is...

6. How to free yourself from your own limitations and start living your life at your pace. What we sacrifice when we compartmentalize our imagination is that inner voice that dares us to live big, to live life on our terms. We sacrifice it because we're told we can't have what we want, that life is a struggle, or who knows what else we've been told. Stop listening to what everyone else has told you about what you can't do, and start listening to your imagination. Dream big, and then figure out a way to turn it into reality. Magic can help you with that, as can making the decision to embody the possibilities you seek in every action you take. Your perseverance will turn your imagination into your reality.

P.S. Check out my latest e-book: 10 practical magic tools you can use to consistently manifest results.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia

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Taylor Ellwood is the author of Pop Culture Magic Systems, Space/Time Magic, Magical Identity and a number of other occult books. He posts about his latest projects at Magical Experiments.


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