In today's Pagan News Beagle we've got community news: a new site for Pagan anti-capitalists; honoring Judy Harrow; Between the Worlds con report; Pagan prison ministry; a new HBO Salem witchhunt show?

Gods & Radicals, a new site for Pagan anti-capitalists launched with the following mission statement: "To help re-awaken what many see as an integral aspect of Modern Paganism – its opposition to Capitalist exploitation of the earth and all its inhabitants."

Cherry Hill Seminary covered the honoring of the late Pagan elder, priestess, and author Judy Harrow by the American Psychological Association.

Check out Caroline Kenner's report on the recent Between the Worlds/Sacred Spirit convention.

Terence Ward at the Wild Hunt reports on why ministering to Pagans in prison is so challenging.

Because one pseudo scary historical tv-series set in colonial-era witch-hunting Salem is clearly not enough, we have this to look forward to.