In today's Earthy Thursday post, the Pagan News Beagle celebrates unearthly Icelandic beauty; carbon sequestration to the rescue?; lesser-known stone circles; the wild foxes of Chukotka; the beauty of mad mushrooms.

The Nordic landscapes of Iceland take our breath away. (Note to self: add Iceland to the Beagle's bucket list!)

Does this little-known project in Iceland hold a potential way to fix climate change through carbon sequestration?

Stonehenge gets all the press, but these lesser-known Neolithic stone circles are equally fascinating!

Enjoy these wonderful photos of the wild foxes of Chukotka. (Top-notch geography props if you know where this remote region actually is located!)

Santa may not have munched on shamanic mushrooms (see Jason Mankey's post featured in yesterday's Pagan News Beagle) but these psychedelic-worthy mushrooms will make you think that you have!