Its Faithful Friday here at the Beagle, and we have stories of faith from all religions. Interfaith work, an Indian temple, Jews & Arabs as neighbors, rewilding Paganism and everything you didn't want to know (but should) about "Islamic State."

Is interfaith work -- between Pagans and non-Pagans -- important work or just a distraction? Ryn Fox at the Wild Hunt discusses the issues.

Wow! You'll enjoy these stunning photos of an Indian temple. (I'd like to visit it someday -- how about you?)

Religion (and even politics) don't always have to divide us into warring camps. This story details the ways in which Jews and Arabs maintain neighborly relations on the West Bank in spite of the ongoing conflict.

Druid John Becket writes on the "rewilding" Paganism discussion (one in many posts on this subject currently at the Pagan Patheos channel.)

Want to understand the brutal "Islamic State" (aka ISIL/ISIS) insurgency? Unpleasant perhaps, but necessary reading nonetheless.