In today's Watery Wednesday we are concentrating on the Element of Water -- literally! A Viking-style burial at sea; bottled water and the California drought; coastal cities under threat due to sea-level rise; thirstiest plants; California water witches; and swimming the wild waters of New York City.

A recent Viking-style burial drew attention from Heathens and Pagans who'd like to do likewise. The Wild Hunt's Cara Schultz has the story.

Uh-oh. Many of the major bottle water companies are based in drought stricken parts of the country -- primarily in California. Check out the map (and the story) here.

Coastal cities are already experiencing high-tide flooding due to climate change. Find out where with a comprehensive state-by-state map (programmable for various future sea level rise scenarios.)

Which common supermarket foods require the most water to grow? Check out this handy comparison guide.

Water-witching is coming back big time in California.

A few intrepid swimmers (and at least one who calls herself a witch) get right into the water by swimming the canals and rivers of New York City. Check out this unique story at the NY Times.