Pagan Studies - Philosophy

Cosmos, Chaos, and Eros


wp-23_columnists09-01Eros is the driving power behind all magic.

In ancient Greek magic and metaphysics, everything was underpinned by Cosmos and Chaos; in our revival of magic today, it still is. In some sources, the first power appearing from Chaos was Eros; not the eros of popular entertainment, but a universal Eros, the primal movement from Chaos to Cosmos, commanding even the gods themselves. (A far cry from a chubby cherub wielding a bow, or a suggestive pole-dance!) Yet, as all practitioners of magic know, Eros, the power that moves, is essential to successful rituals. Eros — which includes sexuality, but is greater than personal gratification — is the driving power behind the laws of magic. Hence all magic is “sex magic.”

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