You are innately magical. The cosmos is innately magical, every atom of the universe rife with the potential for miracle.


Mind you, I believe training in magical techniques is important in order for spells cast to be effective. However, just as important is allowing the magical self and getting in touch with the universe's magic. In fact, that’s as important a part of training as techniques are.

I remember as a young magician being told that the adept relies less on overt spells and more on simply being part of the universe's magic. I was cynical about that when I was young. Now that I'm in my 60s, I am finding that it is true, and it is very powerful magic. 




My exhalations, inhalations, and the sound of my heartbeats weave with the exhalations, inhalations, and heartbeats of Gods. Thus I saturate my being with joyful health and join in Gaia’s dance of abundance, strength, and kindness. So mote it be!