You’re invited to a Samhain ritual. It will be held via teleseminar (group phone-call). Simply dial your phone, and you’re in. No other equipment needed. Attendance is free.


Dial-in number and other details for this one-hour ceremony are in my upcoming newsletter. Subscribe for free: 


Samhain is a major holiday for many Pagans. The holiday has various aspects. Here are a few: 

* It is similar to the Mexican Day of the Dead, in that it is a time to honor and visit with ancestors.

* It is a harvest festival.

* Many Pagans celebrate the New Year at this time, instead of on January 1.


 Samhain has a mysteriously beautiful darkness that many a Pagan honors and celebrates. Halloween, with all its fun spookiness, is a modern day remnant of Samhain.


Samhain also has a wonderfully gentle sweetness that’s usually unacknowledged. 


The graphic in this post is an update of one I painted a few years back. When drawing the leaves, and doing the calligraphy for the words “Happy Samhain,” I tried to make them sweet. 


Candy corn isn’t the only thing that’s sweeten this season. 


Come join me for a Samhain ceremony. We’ll celebrate autumn harvest, kick off the Witch’s New Year, and visit with ancestors in all their sweetness and love. We’ll also experience the overall gentle sweetness this holiday offers us.


You can participate in silence, so don’t feel like you’ll be put on the spot. The only talking I absolutely need from you is your saying your name, when asked for it at the beginning of the get-together. You can use a pseudonym. Everyone giving names establishes a sense of camaraderie and safety. After that, you can speak when you want, but are not required.


Please join me. This is going to be a special event, so I don’t want you to miss it. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. 


Again, details are in my newsletter. Subscribe for free: