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Calling the Great Mother this Eclipse

From July12th/13th (depending upon your time zone) we commence a momentous season of a rare series of three eclipses within a month. The first occurrence this eclipse season is a solar eclipse in Cancer. Then at full moon, on July 27th, we have a total lunar eclipse in Capricorn. The following new moon in Leo is on August 11th. There is plenty of internet chatter about how these eclipses will have a huge impact on both individuals and the collective. But we all have a conscious choice how we are going to walk in the world. So I thought I would share with your how I plan on marking my path through this next month.

For this solar eclipse in Mama Moon sign Cancer I have created an altar for collective ceremony and prayer with a group I belong to, the Sanctuary of the Divine Feminine. This is an altar that is dedicated towards healing traumatised children and divided/separated families.  My intent is to symbolise by using photos of parents and children together, of extended families rejoicing in happy celebrations and gatherings. This collage is at the foreground of the altar and uses images from both my own and my husband's lineages as representatives for all families.

I have surrounded them with many manifestations of the mutltidimensional Great Mother Goddess. There is  Aditi for holding the space; Kuan Yin, Mother of mercy, for surely incarcerated children deserve Hermercy and attention; Mother Moon at her dark moon station; Kali Ma, the Dark Mother, who can be as sweet as she can be vengeful; Danu, the pan-European Great Mother; Isis, who knew how to overcome grief and loss through great love and fortitude.

There are three manifestations of Brigit energy. There is the fiery, Celtic Brighid. There is St. Brigid, who is, among her many matronages, friend of prisoners and champion of justice. This week my cat, Felix, knocked Her over and broke her; so I have literally reunited the shards, although she still has a few chips. There is Maman Brigitte, the Haitian Voudon manifestation of Her, She who migrated from Celtic Ireland and mixed with West African spirituality. There is Demeter who is grieving the loss of her daughter. And then there is Gaia, Mother Earth Herself, who is overheating, having experienced record-breaking hottest June.

I shall call on them all at sundown on 12th July to help all the unmothered, traumatised, abandoned, kidnapped, trafficked and exploited children. That they may be cherished, comforted, loved, healed. That they may forgive us who have trespassed against them by omission or commission.

My altar includes a crystal known as ancestralite, which I found in The Henge Shop in Avebury and I know to be a powerful tool. My harmony bowl (which embodies the elements of earth, water, fire and air) has water from both Glastonbury holy wells - both the red and white waters for equilibrium of masculine and feminine energies.

The other practice I am adopting during this eclipse season is daily journalling. Blogging is a form of journalling, but what I am going to do is the old school fountain pen on a page,on a daily basis, so my body is wholly engaged with the process. My gut knows this is a really important phase, both personally and globally. I feel it is really important to note what I am seeing, feeling, touching, hearing, what my Scorpio-spidey senses are picking up. I shall share some editted extracts with two trusted woman friends with whom I have shared essays of spiritual autobiography.

Journalling is a a deeply centering activity. Byron Ballard calls these "Tower Times". It is important to keep an accurate record of our responses, to be mindful, to bear witness and be able to testify to future generations. The ancestors are very much with us these days. We will be held to account to them, too.

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Bee Smith has enjoyed a long relationship with SageWoman as a contributor, columnist and blogger. She lives in the Republic of Ireland, teaches creative writing and is a member of the Irish Art Council's Writers in Prisons panel. She is the author of "Brigid's Way: Celtic Reflections on the Divine Feminine."    


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