Autumn is here and winter will be here soon... As the wheel turns its good too to set our energetic houses in order, in preparation for the new season. Equally there are times in life when the next stage, the next move to make in life is unclear. Stress, worry, negative energy can come into our lives in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons, and sometimes the only thing to do is be prepared to wade through some deep dark waters for a while- or even dive deeper trusting in the journey that in time you will come through to easier times. However, while struggle, and even a lack of clarity is all part of the rhythm of life from time to time, there are always pro-active things that can be done to help re-set and re-connect with the navigating forces in our lives once more. Whether its illness, depression, money worries, politics or a whole host of other challenges, there is always something we can do, to just make a small shift, that may set up some positive ripples in our energy.


Here’s some of my tips for troubled or changing times.

1) refresh your altar- clean, dust, re-arrange, put some things away. A cluttered altar is sometimes a sign of an over cluttered soul. Simplify it back down, package treasures away for another time, and give everything a wipe down with spring water or even some cold Vervain tisane to restore some clarity.

2) make an offering- bake a cake, buy or cut some flowers, find a small gift for the spirits to place on your altar, or somewhere sacred, and say thank you for the support of your gods and spirits, even if you don’t feel supported. Train your brain even with one small step to notice something to feel gratitude for, take even a ray of sun on your face, as a gift from your allies and deities.

3) Open the windows, let the air through the house, and through your lungs. Let the wind blow. Burn some sacred herbs, sage, juniper, whatever works for your path to bless your body and your space.

4) Practice random acts of kindness wherever possible. Give to charity, pick up rubbish in the park, volunteer for a cause, be a force for good whenever you can.    

5) Light a candle, every day, as a reminder, that the light in your life will return, and that when it comes to it, we make our own light with our actions.     

6) Invest in a besom - make your own, or buy and decorate one with seasonal details. Old ones can be cleansed with cold running water and left to dry in the autumn sun, before being decorated, blessed with sacred smoke, and used to sweep your space clear of negativity and cobwebs. Sweep stuck energy and unwelcome spirits out the door and send them on with blessings. More on broom magic next time …



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