My most brilliant ideas always come with Easter. Like as if my ego just gives way to deeper knowing and numinosity. There's myriad ways to interpret the Easter festival, Pagan and Christian and and and... For me, this giving way of the ego is poignantly described in the Easter myth. 

The ego is like the habits of the psyche. They long for something fresh, a drop of dew, a stroke of light, fresh air... The psyche will do anything to find something fresh, but.. The amazing things is, that when it finds it, the ego will bite and gnaw at the new whatever until it fits within the containers of the ego..

So it is with Sacred Space. Whenever we find it, the ego will start gnawing and biting at it. Which is beautiful when we see it as an invitation to find it again and agin. Build no fixed temples or churches, for they become the opposite of what you want. 

So this Easter, I honor this shocking process right inside my own psyche, inside each of us. Not that I like it. I honor it in the sense that I take it very seriously. And what I really really honor, is that the quality of freshness, of rainbows in drops of dew, can't be killed. No matter what the ego does to it, no matter how big the betrayal to our own ideals, new rainbows come.

Happy Easter ♥