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I am intrigued with living and conceptualizing the emerging paradigm of the Sacred Feminine. May you experience this blog as a Circle where you can breathe in to who you are. May you find new dimensions to yourself.

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How to Stay Relaxed and Present in the Face of Old Triggers

So this Something turns up that always triggers you, gets you feeling sorry for yourself or angry or wanting to run, and you know it’s not of the present but still… Here is how this has changed for me, and how knowing about ego has supported me:

Dear  You,

Becoming free of those old chains of emotions while staying open and compassionate, that’s what I am involved with right now. Yesterday was my seminar on The Missing Link to Going beyond Ego. Maybe you were one of the 80 present at this powerful event. I want to share here some more about why this topic is so near to my heart these days.

How it frees us and gives space for those soulful relationships and work we know our possible to start happening in our lives. In the seminar yesterday I shared about this, and as we run up top the start of the 3 week Global Online Seminar I want to share some more of my insights with you. For I experienced this stuff really works.

Let me start with an example. This Spring I am seeing the trees in western Europe are in really bad state (probably elsewhere too, but this is what I have seen with my own eyes). Trees are like my best friends. So this touches me deeply. I started sharing my worries. What I discover, is no one wants to, or can,  listen. Now even last year, I know this would have linked in to an old wound of mine, of not being taken serious when I was sharing my deep trouble. All the old emotions would have been triggered. And, as we all know, once that pattern gets triggered, the outcome is fixed- that is, the old scene starts re-enacting, and we get into the ‘see, its always like this’ loop.

This time, however, even though the pain and shock of not being heard are there, it does not link into the old wound. I stay in the now. I become curious about why people react as they do, and how I can say things in a different way that will get them to start noticing. It’s a whole other world I am stepping into. With much more connection, fun, and also much more chance of reaching people, of real connection over real things.

So how did this change for me?
This is the process I mean when I speak of Going Beyond Ego. It starts with understanding why these repetitions happen. Actually, as all mystics will agree, they don’t happen, you think they happen and therefore you experience them. Let me abound on that a moment. The ego is to me that part of our being that makes it possible that you deal with the complexities of life. It orders things, categorizes, so it can orient itself quickly in a new situation. So what does this mean? It means the ego sees the forms it recognizes, thinks the thoughts it has thought before, and registers the emotions it knows. Other parts of your experience simply go by unnoticed. Meaning, all opportunities for change are systematically filtered out.

Now that is an amazing fact.

Knowing it is not enough to change it though. It seems like you can. It seems like the next time someone would not listen to me, and I would get upset and feeling powerless and angry, I could say to myself: ‘hey Klara, old stuff here. keep moving, let it go’. There’s two buts here. Either I am so triggered, that I will just rant on: ‘no but really, you know this is unfair, you really really are not listening”. and probably I would be right, but my interporetation of this and my felt response to this would be totally out of proportion.

Or, I have a bit more dicipline, and I am capable of stopping the emotional train. On the surface I solved it. However, there is a drawback. I had to somehow twist this natural flow of emotions around. This will disconnect me from my body, and thereby ultimately from my joy in life.

So: knowing about the ego’s tricks is not enough. To really not get triggered, a much deeper process is needed. That is what we mystics and yogis meditate for. We really invest in this- with great results. For we get to know the workings of the ego,  we become very intimate with our own ego, and simulatneously we develop a lived connection to something bigger, something that will hold me when my ego falters. And that, that is really key. For the ego will never allow you to be drowned in the sea of experience. It will only let go, when it knows you are safe in the hands of something bigger.

My capacity to be with people not hearing about the bad news about the trees, grew out of just this work. About slowly getting to know about my ego and ego’s in general, and of creating bigger ground. It has been the beautiful work of years.

Bless you for being here, for reading through all this and having your ego jumbled up and your soul peaking up its ears. This is where life begins to happen.

With Love,

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PS 2% of the proceedings of the 3 Week Immersion wil go to planting new trees in the Rainforests and my homecountry Netherlands.

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