So you may have noticed I have been MIA. In fact many of you may have even thought this blog had died a natural death. It's a fair call and I would probably have thought the same thing. But alas, I have just been writing my butt off for Llewellyn.

More on my own work later.

For now, I am going to give this blog the kiss of life and revive that which has been neglected and forgotten. Shameful, I know. Please forgive me.

This weeks review is of Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Love Notes.


I have been following Kris's work for a while now as she is one of my fav raw and vegan healing foodies. Which may be why some of you in the tarot and oracle world may never have heard of her. In many respects this deck takes her work to another level of self care and self love. Yet technically it is not really what you call a cross over work either as this is not what you would call an oracle deck. Crazy Sexy Love Notes belongs along side affirmation decks much like that of the fabulous Louise Hay.

Do not however let that turn you off!

When I first opened this deck I admit I was disappointed to see that the back of the cards were fully loaded with verbiage. This is not something I like in a deck. However, the more I worked with this deck the less that actually bothered me. Maybe it is because there is no book with this deck, or maybe because the energy of this deck is contagious.


The stunning, vibrant art on these cards draws you in. It seduces your senses and lulls you into a color-tonic state. Artist Lori Portka has done an amazing job with the images for Kris's love notes. This combination of color, energy and of course love is truly magically and the end result is nothing short of 52 hugs in a box.


If you are looking for a feel good, pick me up kind of deck you can not go wrong with Crazy Sexy Love Notes By Kris Carr.


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