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Glean knowledge from Agnes, an Activator and Wise Elder’s personal experiences on the subjects of ceremony, community, rituals, new moon, focusing, mind body alignments, sacred sexuality, co-creative gardening, healing with hands-on, toning, Goddess & God, Spirit Grandmothers and Grandfathers of Time, initiations to enlightenment, pre-history, and much more.

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Visions at Glastonbury's Tor and Abby Green

As I stepped off the bus in Glastonbury, England I suddenly became a monk once more, dressed in a long brown robe with a swinging rope belt, which surprised me. I'd had a recurring dream for eons where I would be running into a castle shouting, "Morgause! Morgause! And always assumed I was a woman, goddess type during those times. As I climbed the Tor I saw that there had once been a circular pathway to the ruins at the top. As my spirit felt the telluric energy of this upflow vortex I immediately connected with Archangel Michael who had appeared to me once before in Jerusalem. I could feel the connection between Heaven and Earth and sat to meditate to enjoy the tremendous uplifting spiritual power. I then walked to the Abbey itself. It was mostly in ruins, but this Glastonbury site had been sacred Goddess land from before Neolithic times, so I should be able to feel, hear, and know past realities, I thought, as I walked about, feeling ‘present’. As I stepped out of the Abbey arches and walked toward the central green, I saw a marker that stated, “King Arthur lies buried here.” I immediately felt like kneeling down, and as I did so I had a vision. I knew without a doubt that it was King Arthur. He had a broad face with a dark complexion. A mass of curly brown hair framed his face and the crown on his head held three lion-like red dragons. His cloak was a gray, heavy, linen-type weave. Then suddenly I began to sob; and soon realized that they were not my tears that I was releasing. They were Guinevere’s! She had at some point left them here.

Later, I discovered that a grave had been found under an ancient oak at this spot in 1191 A.D. In the grave, a small cross was found that stated King Arthur and his second wife, Guinevere, lay buried here on the Isle of Avalon. In 1278, King Edward I reburied the skeletons in a black marble tomb that survived until 1539 when King Henry VIII, bent on destroying monasteries and abbeys, also destroyed this abbey and many of the tombs. The Arthurian era was a pivotal one on Earth; there was a war going on between the Light and dark forces then! Arthur and his valiant legions of Light, tried their best, but it was not good enough. The darkness eventually prevailed for many centuries.

I am a connector to the angelic and devic realms, and when I walked about, I suddenly became connected to many fairies in and around the trees. I then heard on the inner, clairvoyantly, that many priestesses of Avalon had crossed over into the fairy realm during the dark Christian times after King Arthur’s reign. That insight explained why I had seen so many fairies that looked human.

The next day I walked to Wearyall Hill, where the thorn tree, Cartages Syracuse, grows. Legend states that it was brought here from Palestine. Again, I saw a vision emblazoned by the light of my soul to my inner eye. This time there were people coming onto shore from a boat, all weary from traveling a great distance. I knew that it was Joseph, husband of Jesus’ mother Mary. And there were three others in the boat, one a woman. What I saw next is that Morgana of England, who was connected to King Arthur’s court, had a child by him and was alleged to be his first wife, is a reincarnation of Mary Magdalene. And what feels significant is that a priestess of ancient Palestine was now residing in the new land called England, and future generations of English kings and queens would be part of this sacred lineage, ending with Queen Elizabeth I. I also saw that the heirs of this lineage would reincarnate in Canada later, and many would become spiritual teachers, tarot readers, and herbalists. England, 2000 years ago, was also inhabited by Druids who worshiped the Goddess near stone circles and places like Glastonbury. This is where they accessed stellar and cosmic power for the enhancement of themselves, Earth and all the people.

As I stepped outside the spacious Abbey Green and watched the winter sun setting over Glastonbury, time flashed through me, and I shivered as the cool February evening manifested.

 I took a cab back to the bed and breakfast I was staying at, ate my piece of scrumptious apple pie from the pastry shoppe in town, and snuggled down under the white down comforter and dreamed this night of blue lights emanating from the Tor, which was only a stone’s throw away from my stunning bay bedroom window. Ahhh, mystical Avalon. What a sight! I was thrilled that my spirit had drawn me to this portal of Light and that I had reconnected with who I was in Avalon and at Glastonbury, so many moons ago.

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National best-selling author, Advanced Reiki Master, Fire Priestess, Conference Speaker, Metaphysician Master, Agnes Toews-Andrews, has been researching the Goddess, the paranormal and metaphysical at home in Canada and at sacred sites around the world since 1987. It was while working with energy/Reiki that her clairsentient and clairaudient abilities began to awaken. A world traveler, she is the author of 8 non-fiction spiritual books and 1 book of paranormal fiction. At home in the question mark, Agnes has known since the age of 14 while watching a sunset in rural British Columbia that she was to be an 'Activator' of humanity and in 1989 made a commitment to be a Lightworker. Also a co-creative Devic gardner, macrobiotic consultant, she is the proud mother of two amazing kids and grandmother of five even more amazing grand kids. She currently resides in the Selkirk Mountains in the West Kootenays, British Columbia, Canada.  


  • irene boyce
    irene boyce Saturday, 02 May 2015

    Dear Agnes,

    all my life I've known I've been walking a destined path. I have long been on a mission to save the world. I am now looking to spread 'the word' and 'the light'. Would you be kind enough to check out my work?

    By the way, I have only just discovered this site, so don't really know my way round yet. I also spend a lot of time working to survive 'the system' so don't get much time to do this computer stuff, (in case I don't find my way back).

    Glastonbury in England is said to be the centre of the spiritual world where Jesus was reputedly schooled. Could Jesus have been a Pagan?

    Check this synchronicity, it can't all be coincidence can it?

    The Magic Number 666 is fast approaching. 6th of June, 15.

    In John Michell’s book The New View Over Atlantis he states regarding the number 666…”The Puritans and those others whose opposition to the old magical practices brought about the Reformation, compiled their scheme to exclude the number 666. To them the beast represented some absolute principle of evil, irreconcilable with the iron rule of humanly created morality. The beast, like the dragon, had to be suppressed.”


    In John Michell's book The City of Revelation, he suggests that the beast
    rising out of the sea and Christ are one and the same...


    We live in an inside out upside down world. In numerology my number is 999.


    Led Zeppelin sing...She's Buying a Stairway to Heaven...well she's bought and she's bringing heaven to earth, we're all Rider's on the Storm and I've loved my man because the world on me depends...check it...

    In the early 90's I went to war with the newly privatized Yorkshire Water
    'Services?' who were pumping raw sewage into the sea while robbing us



    The Beast

    Who can find the Beast?
    She's big...(Oh yes!)
    she's bad...(Really bad
    according to some!)
    she's wicked...(Totally wicked!)
    she's sad...(How many
    children suffering???!!!)
    Who can fight the Beast?

    In the beginning there was Genesis...and the angel Gabriel did
    sing...Supper's Ready.

    Dragons coming out of the sea,
    Shimmering silver head of wisdom looking
    at me.
    He brings down the fire from the skies,
    You can tell he's doing
    well by the look in human eyes.
    Better not compromise.
    It won't be


    666 is no longer alone,
    He's getting out the marrow in your back
    And the seven trumpets blowing sweet rock and roll,
    Gonna blow right
    down inside your soul.
    Pythagoras with the looking glass reflects the full
    In blood, he's writing the lyrics of a brand new tune.

    There's an angel standing in the sun, and he's crying with a loud
    "This is the supper of the mighty one",
    Lord of Lords,
    King of
    Has returned to lead his children home,
    To take them to the new

    John Michell. The New View Over Atlantis. Page. 186.

    The New Jerusalem.

    The importance of reconstructing the pattern on the floor of the Old Church
    at Glastonbury was repeatedly emphasized in Bligh Bond's scripts. One of them
    said: 'You know that in this designing of the floor lies the future prophesy of
    Glastonbury, together with the inward secrets of Christianity

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