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The Eighth Door is the door of Vibration. Here we learn to identify vibration, controlling it and mastering vibrations. This is the phase of accepting one’s personal power on a planetary and cosmic level. This teaching is contained in the Spirit Grandmother, Thunderbird Clan Shield.

 The Ninth Door is the door of Teaching. This is a phase of transmitting and sharing what we have learned, it is about learning how to teach, learning about detachment and giving up ego. Here we develop “we” consciousness. This teaching is contained in the Spirit Grandmother,  Wolf Clan Shield.

 The Tenth Door is the Dreamtime. Here we learn how to function in the dreamtime and in other levels of reality, learning how to bring this knowledge into other dimensions without judgement. The tenth door is contained in the Spirit Grandmother, Snow Owl Clan Shield. At the next level only what we know as Masters/Adepts arrive here.

The Eleventh Door is where we enter Cosmic or Spirit Time Cycles. Here we are no longer part of the world while living in the world. Here one lives and works in Spirit most of the time. Here one is in communication with intergalactic beings and receiving teachings directly from the them. This teaching is of the Spirit Grandmother, Turtle Clan Shield.

The Twelfth Door. The twelfth and eleventh door overlap, but the twelfth door is non-thinking, non-doing, and no-separation. Here we are one with the White Ray, Supreme Creator/ God at this point, and living in ecstasy. This teaching or level is the Spirit Grandmother, Lynx Clan Shield.

The Thirteenth Door is where we can transmute everything around us. This is what is known as enlightenment. This is the level of initiation achieved by the Holy People and Avatars. At this level we do not think anymore, we just know how to feel. This is proof that we have completed the twelve initiations, when we don’t think anymore and just feel. According to the Spirit Grandmothers of Time when we go through the twelfth door we are one with the Great Spirit/Creator/God. This teaching is the Spirit Grandmother, Moose Clan Shield.

These 13 levels of initiation are as far as we can go in human form. The planets evolutionary phase also has 13 levels of initiation, if we get through the 12th one. If we do not, we will start over. As it always will be. When one passes through the 13 initiations one becomes as a child again.

The 13 Spirit Grandmothers of Time said in 2003 that they were contacting physical women because they needed the help of women on Earth. This is in our prophecies for these times we are living in. I am a carrier of the 5th shield of the 13 Spirit Grandmothers of Time shields.

So mote it be!