"Mother Moon, come sit beside me,

Under the New Moon we pray.

I call and ask this of thee again,

As I heal and cleanse and begin anew,

I let go, becoming an empty vessel,

Brining things to full circle.

Help me feel your strength this day and quarter,

And birth the Earth with Solar and Stellar, new,

And find the Goddess that resides within myself."-Agnes Toews-Andrews

January 12, 2021

Spirit Grandmother Lynx Clan, welcomes us to this, the 12th moon of the year. When she comes into my circle, she appears as a beautiful white goddess. This ancient grandmother who with 12 other females and 13 counterpart males, birthed the Earth at the Permian era, when the continents first split apart.

She carries a large hoop, it signifies the sacred hoop of life, and teaches us how to be human. She explains connectness, that we are all connected through Creator's spark, because we, as soul sparks flew off into our galaxy at the Big Bang so long ago. That's what the Big Bang really was, creating souls.

Stones to wear to harmonize with this 12th moon, are smokey quartz, that banishes fear, also dissolving mental blockages. Black obsidian, is also appropriate this moon, and provides vitality and virility. Make an essence from it, and take until full moon.

The animal to communicate with is the elk, who can uplift our vibration to one of nobility and strength. Study elk, and you will know how to pace yourself. To simply "be" more than "do". Elk also reminds us to incorporate male and female company, to keep us balanced on this Earth walk.

Black spruce is our plant this moon, the needles  or buds of which can be used to make spruce beer, our North American Indigenous peoples using this beer as a remedy for scurvy. It was also drank in winter when fresh fruits were not available, providing Vitamin C. The pitch can be made into chewing gum.

Blessed be!

C. Agnes Toews-Andrews