Rediscovering Goddess Sophia at Great Lakes Portal, Ontario

            Standing and looking out my kitchen window one day in mid-winter, while living on the Great Lakes portal of Ontario, I was feeling pensive and at peace. It was just as the sun was going down that my thoughts turned to Goddess; so I asked to see Goddess Sophia, ruler of earth. A young looking woman appeared. Long light colored hair gently curled about her beauteous countenance and her eyes shone with wisdom. She was draped in a blue robe; a diamond-like necklace surrounded her throat and a crown sat upon her head. Her crown held twelve sparkling stars of different colors. I was amazed by her beauty! All the golden jeweled splendor of the Hagia Sophia, her sacred site temple turned mosque, now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey that I visited a few years ago, could not do her justice. She was so beautiful. I stood in awe as the light in the sky dimmed and turned yellow and purple watching her presence fade into the sunset.

            Sophia arrived that day and inspired me to write about the coming age which I did in 2010. (The Goddess Lives, 2010, reviewed in SageWoman Magazine in 2010). As I watched her dazzling beauty before me, I wished I could paint her! I recognized that she was heralding the arrival of a new age, the Age of Aquarius. I also recognized at that moment that the Age of Aquarius is, among other precepts, a return to the Age of the Goddess.

            There are remnants of Sophia in several world religions and when I lived on the Middle East portal and sat meditating at a certain powerful spot in the Old City of Jerusalem, I intuited that it had long been predicted that at the turn of this century the next divine incarnation was to incarnate. It is said that that incarnation will be a female, the advent of divine wisdom, or Theo-Sophia. The name Sophia means wisdom. In my opinion this prophecy means a return to a matriarchal society and an honoring of the Goddess and the all that is divine feminine on planet Earth again.

            “And there appeared a great wonder in the heaven, a woman clothed and with the sun and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.” [Revelations 12:I, “The Holy Bible” from the King James version].This woman is Sophia, the Ruler of Earth and She is a great wonder! She is beautiful and She is wise. The twelve stars in her crown represent the twelve planets in our solar system that She rules. The Supreme Goddess of soul creation is alive. Blessed be.

            A Goddess is a woman of very great charm and beauty and of surpassing goodness, according to “Webster’s New World Dictionary.” Our Goddess Sophia is also all-knowing, omnipotent, in possession of having supernatural powers and immortality. She is infinite, all-powerful, ruler of our Solar System, a supreme being.

            Goddess Sophia has been neglected and forgotten by the souls that she created. Let us open our hearts and minds to receive her again and give her the respect that is due, that she deserves and is worthy of.

 Blessed be the Goddess Sophia, who is love and enduring light, a wise female ruler.

            The ancient prophecy of a divine incarnation in these times we are living in also stated that the present age would be the age of making known all that which has been kept secret from the beginning. It does appear that many secrets are now being revealed that were previously hidden! One example of this is Reiki symbols used to enhance or specify a healing in a certain way. Until 1997 when American writer and spiritual teacher, Diane Stein revealed the symbols, these symbols were only handed down to those that were initiated into the Second Degree of Reiki healing.

            Sophia was created and awakened out of the great void, preconsciousness. The portal I lived on near the Great Lakes for seven years, has the largest ley line, energy meridian in North America flowing through it. As I sat in my favorite place in this Great Lakes portal near Point Petre, Ontario, I intuited that Sophia is the one who began taking from the Black Ray, the Mother Goddess — our Source, preconsciousness, to create souls. According to my spiritual guides, Archangel Michael, Gabriel and Ascended Master Tom, no one but Goddess Sophia creates souls in our Solar System. This is Her domain.

            On a personal level, sharing what I know and have been communicated about the Goddess Sophia and all of the other goddesses that have appeared to me while living on ancient sacred sites is a great joy! We are ultimately Her creations, Her beautiful emanations. 

            To you, Sophia, who is in charge of this planet and all the other planets in our solar system, you who is the gorgeous Goddess that sparked all of us when souls were needed, to you Sophia we give thanks.

            Now when I see Sophia, She is not as vibrant as She should be. She needs our love and attention. What we focus on becomes strong in this realm and in other realms, so all the focus on Him over the last 5200 years has given Him more strength, vibrancy and Light. And that is okay, just Her Light has severely diminished, because we have forgotten her.

 As I write, now living on the Slocan Lake ley line near New Denver, British Columbia, I pray that Her Light returns! I sing a love song to Sophia in my medicine wheel morning prayers. May I suggest you do the same, to insure the incarnation of the Divine Feminine, Theo-Sophia on planet Earth?