Harvest Moon, September 17, 2020. 

Meet Spirit Grandmother Thunderbird. She is creating polarity on Earth, fire, holding Earth's magnetics in place. She is great, a huge and powerful Spirit in the form of a bird. A bird that I saw many years ago. 

My husband and I were driving down the UFO trench of British Columbia, the North Thompson Valley, late one night, when we suddenly encountered a lightening storm. The sky lit up with flashes of lightening that shot over the mountain tops. 

In these moments I felt inspired to turn on the radio, to CBC. It wasn't the news I thought I would hear, but a First Nations man was giving a dissertation of the Thunderbird beings! He described how they fit into Creation. He said,"By the work of the Thunderbird beings the Earth was first watered and vegetation grew."

A few seconds later I was looking out the car window to the east towards Baldy and Garnet Mountains, the two highest peaks in this area. Just then a powerful lightening flash occurred!

The sky lit up, like daylight. Then I saw, Thunderbird! It was as gigantic as the top of the mountain, an awesome eagle-like, bird-like Spirit, with talons that sparked with the lightening as he flew over the mountain top, his wings creating thunder and wind!

I shall never forget that sight!

Our neighbours tried to camp up on Baldy Mountain, but were always forced down because of a powerful, menacing presence on Baldy. I had said to myself, "Yes, that presence is a gigantic Thunderbird Spirit."

This ancient Spirit Grandmother Thunderbird, is an aspect of these creations, these Thunderbird's. She is a mighty Spirit Grandmother who carries the flute, symbology of the Spiritual within us. Visualize or play the flute calling Her closer, signaling LIFE to our planet, portraying Nature is Alive, to our Star sisters and brothers, to our Sun and Moon.

Her teaching is, "Learn the Truth!" (So apt in this time of 2020).

This new moon, when I call her into my medicine wheel, She tells me:

Be Strong. Go beyond the body, step into the Silver Light. It is Her, an aspect of The Goddess.

Be Strong. In Body. Eat super foods, like nuts, seeds, potatoes, salmon. Drink water, plenty water. Drink Comfrey tea, for minerals and strength.

Be strong. In Mind. And this was emphasized, "Visualize Silver Light streaming into your food, water, and into your blood. Twice a day, for the entire moon cycle, or longer.

Burn sweetgrass. For Emotions. It's Her medicine, and shifts negative energies.

I recommend cleansing with sweetgrass every morning, and then every time before and after we go out into the public, where fear is strong in these times.

Stones to wear this moon cycle: Amazonite: soothes our emotions; Amethyst, it transmutes lower frequencies into higher ones; Moonstone: hold it, or place under our pillow, it helps to grant wishes.

The Harvest Moon is honored with the grandest of colors many years. May we in this year of 2020 see some of them as fires rage our environs.

As all Creation makes offerings to Her, we become aware of all the miracles of Creation before us, and our Spiritual energies, are once again awakened as our outer work slows us down.

Mantra: Truth, Peace, Kindness and Love rule this day!

Read more about the Spirit Grandmothers and Spirit Grandfathers, all 26, in my latest offering to humanity: The Goddess Lives, poetry, prose and prayers in her honour.-C Agnes Toews-Andrews

So mote it be! AHO. In lak'ech.