Messages to Humanity — A Dispatch on Numerous Important Subjects for Evolving Earthlings

Glean knowledge from Agnes, an Activator and Wise Elder’s personal experiences on the subjects of ceremony, community, rituals, new moon, focusing, mind body alignments, sacred sexuality, co-creative gardening, healing with hands-on, toning, Goddess & God, Spirit Grandmothers and Grandfathers of Time, initiations to enlightenment, pre-history, and much more.

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The West Kootenay, British Columbia Vortex

West Kootenay Vortex continued:

After fall fair time on the West Kootenay vortex, Brier Bear, my local aged bear, (who I have mega stories about but will not include them here) had also employed both front paws and pulled up the canopy window of my friends Ford pickup truck. Brier Bear was in search of those marvelous Passmore Fair pies made by the local Doukhobor women no doubt, that the truck had recently carried. When we asked him to quit, we received sideways glances as if, “Everything under control here, just looking for the food you left for me.”  

Occasionally, a swanky burnt-orange colored well fed looking fox walked through my property looking for hare or pussy cat lunch; whilst old Brier Bear would roll the petite boulders I had collected to designate the edge of the broad driveway, down the driveway in search of grubs.

Rabbits came at dusk, and made various sounds too and occasionally I heard them squeal or was it squeak? Those large eyes of Ms. Big Rabbit certainly gave her a sweet look, and I wondered what she would look like with long eyelashes to boot, but that may interfere even more with that blind spot rabbits have right in front of their faces. I loved her visits and not ever did she trespass into my garden that was chock-full of delicious rabbit food. You see, I gardened co-creatively with Nature Spirits, and they knew, and played by the rules.

I often felt that more puzzle pieces and threads were weaving a tapestry of meaning together in my life here, and felt that I was on course, living a natural life, keeping on the trek to higher consciousness and if this meant living with bears, and other wild ones I was trying to rise above my fears. There was a charisma that I carried forward and with which I resonated on Earth in the West Kootenays. I planned to stay.

In late fall, Tai Chi ( my landlord) delivered firewood in his old blue pick-truck that was only used for hauling stuff up and down the mountain, and he often commented on how yang I'd become. I had not noticed I had become yang, having gone through a spell of 'Oh Henry' bar munching evenings that induced a yin vibration in me. I was though becoming a natural woman again, living close to the land, in tune with nature, feeling more grounded and earthy, and vowing not to live in the city again in this life.

One day a few snowflakes were falling and as I dashed out the front door of my chalet heading to the outhouse, I scared up a flock of wild turkeys and there also was Brier Bear again sitting uphill on his haunches staring at me. I sensed his longing for companionship AND more food. Winter was a-coming and we both knew it. And that evening Chief Dan George (in spirit) came for a visit again too. Light snow was still falling, and I was preparing for the winter having dug up all the potatoes and carrots that afternoon and got them into the cold room. As I sat beside my lit wood stove I recalled how the Chief had also visited me when I lived in the UFO Trench of B.C. in the Central Mountains, where my love of nature and gardening had also blossomed in the '90's. There I began communing more clearly with those who have passed on. Chief Dan George, best known for his outspokenness of Native issues and more importantly, for the way he spoke of them, was still connected to the Earth. He was a BC coastal chief, but had also gone on to Hollywood and become a star. As the fire flickered and Father Sky drew his curtain I recalled his slow, powerful speaking voice, it was unforgettable and etched on your mind, as were his renowned sayings both legendary and visionary. A great British Columbia First Nations chief, that I felt honored to have present occasionally in my new life in the West Kootenays as well. 

On the other hand Brier Bear did not visit anymore. Just before winter came for good that year, he had cockily intruded into someone’s basement downhill and was caught upturning garbage bins in there, having heartily eaten three small bags of turkey and other bits of left over Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately he went to sleep that night and woke up on the other side, in the spiritual dimension, where I was sure the heavenly angels were singing for him and where there were endless supplies of huckleberries, thimbleberries, dandelions, honey and grubs. I missed him.

On the coldest night of the year in late December, I woke up just before dawn. Feeling chilly, I thought to get up and tend to the wood stove. I felt a ‘presence’ around my chalet. I stirred, heard ‘presences’ stir, and crawled to the east facing window as quickly as I could to see who was out there. The moonlight was shining on several giant noble elk that quickly stood up and then plunged through the deep snow escaping down the steepest bank on the mountainside and out of sight. What a thrill!

After my jaunt to the outhouse that cold but sunny morning I walked to the east side of the chalet where low and behold six deep beds lay in the snow. One elk had lain right beside my chalet! Thrilled that the herd of elk had chosen to keep warm beside my chalet on the coldest night of the year when the temperature had dropped to -27 °C, (-16 F) I sent the message out to the mountain that the elk were welcome to sleep nearby me any time. This high energy vortex I was now residing in was certainly a sacred site and I felt honored to have located it.

I left my remote Bonnington Mountain vortex hideout, and now live in the country near the Arrow Lakes, still in the West Kootenays surrounded by mountains, and I long to live here until my ascension. Long ago I began the practice of learning from every encounter in my life. I keep myself open. My intention is that I am available to evolve into an arena that is brand new for the human species, creating and living in an Earth that encompasses joy, health, peace, harmony and synchronization for all life on Earth. Regularly finding hope, gratitude and confirmation for the work that I do, co-creatively, for the good of all on Earth, I shall not quit being an “Activator”. Blessed Be! This post ends my posts in Sacred Sites blog, but please stay tuned for a possible new blog, that may be titled "Romancing the Goddess", stories based on my new book, "The Goddess Lives, poetry, prose and prayers in her honour".

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National best-selling author, Advanced Reiki Master, Fire Priestess, Conference Speaker, Metaphysician Master, Agnes Toews-Andrews, has been researching the Goddess, the paranormal and metaphysical at home in Canada and at sacred sites around the world since 1987. It was while working with energy/Reiki that her clairsentient and clairaudient abilities began to awaken. A world traveler, she is the author of 8 non-fiction spiritual books and 1 book of paranormal fiction. At home in the question mark, Agnes has known since the age of 14 while watching a sunset in rural British Columbia that she was to be an 'Activator' of humanity and in 1989 made a commitment to be a Lightworker. Also a co-creative Devic gardner, macrobiotic consultant, she is the proud mother of two amazing kids and grandmother of five even more amazing grand kids. She currently resides in the Selkirk Mountains in the West Kootenays, British Columbia, Canada.  


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