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Breaking the rules

"Do this" "Do that" "You can't do it like that" "Eat this" Eat that" 

We are constantly told what we should do and the stress we feel when we ignore these "suggestions" can be immense.

I've noticed that the hype of committing to a New Year's resolution starts the year off with added stress. Here we are, only a week into the new year and I'm being asked what my resolution was and if I'm sticking to it. I also hear "resolutions are made to be broken," then why make one at all?

Well, I don't make resolutions - at least not at the New Year. 

Resolution - A firm decision to do or not do something.

So, I guess my resolution really is to not make a resolution. 

I can't ever remember setting a resolution. I have chosen weeks that I would start to work out and then end up getting caught up in life events. The part of that stoppage sometimes was difficult and I needed to learn how to not beat myself up over these things. Life is ever changing.

When my mother told me that I had to have short hair after I had kids, I ignored her. I am now a 50+ year old mother of three beautiful teens and still have long hair. I like my long hair, I can put it up in a bun, a ponytail, the girls can braid it (I absolutely love when they practice their braiding skills), or wear it down. 

All my life I have been told what to do, how to act, what to eat, etc. I have walked away from those influences nearly 24 years ago and I must say that it has taken me nearly all 24 years to become completely comfortable in my new skin and comfortable being my rebellious self. 

I suppose it took my nearly dying last year to realize that I still had some rebellion left to do. I have started this second part of my life with a clean conscience, knowing that if I was ready to pass over last year, then I am ready to live now. 

My only rules now are logical, they are moral, they are ones that keep my conscience clear. They are also ones that keep me healthy, even if I'm not exercising as yet, and I have not totally eliminated sugary foods, I have integrated many healthy items and drink mostly water through the day (one or two cups of coffee as well now and again ;) ). 

I have also learned to let things go, put them in a bubble and let them just float away. Others that would worry about things and fret to the point of stress, they also go into my bubbles - although they may not always float away.

Now, breaking some rules comes easier. During my family's New Year's Day celebration, my cousin brought her traditional chocolate pudding pie. As good as it is, I need to limit my chocolate intake due to the oxalates that don't like my kidneys. I chose to not eat any. My family seemed taken back that I didn't. I went on with conversations and ignored their comments. I realized that instead of giving in to their remarks but changed the way that I reacted, it was less stressful for me. I made a good decision in breaking that traditioned rule.

And so I end with pulling a card from my Brian and Wendy Froud Heart of the Faerie Oracle deck: 

Card: 55 The Remembrance - “Lessons learned, and things achieved are important to remember as you travel along your path. Be aware of what you need to bring with you as you move forward.”

How fitting.

Sending you love and light, 

~Blessed be



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I am a wife and mother of three children, a Reiki Master Teacher, a Belly Dance Instructor as well as a very curious creature.


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