New Moon Astrology: Co-creating with the Rhythms of Luna

The New Moon is a time for initiating and planting seeds in our lives; it is a symbolic time of personal rebirth. Metaphorically, it is the time of the Maiden, the new, fresh outgoing energy of the Triple Goddess. It's the optimum time to birth new intentions, set plans in motion, and state new goals. While the Moon is still dark (not visible) our seedling intentions can be nurtured and their roots can be strengthened. This blog will address the New Moon each month from an Astrological perspective, and how you can co-create with the natural rhythms to manifest your highest intent. Each Moon will correspond to a Guiding Goddess Archetype that resonates with the current astrological energies.

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New Moon in Virgo: A Practical Priestess

The New Moon this month occurs in the sign of Virgo (2'19) on Monday, August 25th, at 7:13 am (PDT). Virgo is the archetype of the Virgin goddess, originally meaning, “whole unto herself”.  And, no matter how devoted Virgo is to the people in his or her life, a certain part of Virgo’s psyche always remains “untouched” by the opinions or influence of anyone else. Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign, meaning it is a threshold sign, bridging one season into the next, and it resonates with the grounding and stable element of Earth. Virgo season is summer transitioning into autumn, and this energy is indelibly imprinted into the archetype, giving way to a Mercurial nature in the Virgo personality. The Virgo archetype echoes with the preparation for harvest: we begin the task of separating the grain from the chaff in our lives.  This requires clear-headed logic, as well as attention to our deep intuition about what crops we will harvest, and what needs to be turned back into the soil, or allowed to die on the vine.  The Virgo personality is often lauded as analytical, discerning, and as having a superior flair for organizational activities. When you think of the qualities of the season, this makes sense.  And, although this time of year is fast paced and busy as we get ready to go back to school or work, there is also a quiet turning within now.

Virgo embodies the aspect of the Priestess that is self-purified and dedicated to the practical expressions of serving the divine.  The archetype is associated with all types of ritual, and integrated daily spiritual practice. There is a visceral body/mind connection with Virgo, and you can find many with Virgo strong in their charts working as nutritionists, yoga teachers, herbalists and holistic practitioners.  Health, healing and daily care of the body are all Virgo preoccupations. Virgo is also the inspired craftsperson, using their attention to detail to produce beautiful works in a variety of mediums.  Additionally, they have an innate talent to elevate what others might term “puttering”- beekeeping, gardening, flower arranging and so forth - into an everyday art form.

Every New Moon is Unique

Although once a year, the New Moon occurs in each sign, every New Moon is absolutely unique.  Yes, this New Moon is in Virgo, but it is a totally different Moon than the New Moon in Virgo last year.  This particular New Moon comes with Mars conjunct Saturn; don’t allow yourself to get drawn into frustration or eruptive anger.  Mars joining with Saturn in Scorpio could release pent up, underground intense energy.  This could manifest personally, or globally - earthquakes or world events coming to a head. The earthquake in Northern California that just happened is right in tight orb with this aspect. Cultivate patience, and turn your attention inward for clear answers.  This New Moon is also in opposition to Neptune, lending a rather imaginative, creative, dreamy quality, which can also manifest as confusion or mental fog.  The message this New Moon is sending is about fine-tuning our focus. 

Guiding Goddess Archetype


Although there are other goddesses that also embody the Virgo archetype, Hestia calls to me for this New Moon.  Hestia was the ancient Greek goddess of the hearth and home. Affirming her simple, no nonsense nature, it is said that she sat upon a wooden throne, with a plain white cushion.  She was, and is, considered one of the virgin goddesses, again conferring, “whole unto herself”. In later Roman times, the Vestal Virgins, named after the Roman equivalent of Hestia (Vesta) were priestesses who worked in service of the temple of the goddess, and whose chief duty was keeping the central hearth fire lit.  In a sense they kept order in the empire, and served as keepers of the flame.  It is interesting that the Latin word for “focus” is hearth, focus being a key attribute of Virgo.  Other goddesses that exemplify Virgo are: Persephone, Demeter, and Astraea.

New Moon in Virgo Affirmations and Practical Things to Do on this New Moon

  • I am self sufficient and completely whole as I am
  • My body truly is my temple, and I now renew my commitment to its health and holiness through exercise, nutrition, and daily meditation
  • I have a sharp and analytical mind that helps me function optimally in the world
  • Clear your clutter! Mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Have an end of summer yard sale to get rid of things which are no longer useful to you, or pack it all up and take it to your nearest charity store
  • Begin a new commitment to your health: Start a yoga practice; clear all the junk food out of your cupboards
  • Can, dry, or preserve something
  • Organize your desk


New Moon in Virgo Ritual: Sorting the Seeds

  • This simple ritual is best done outside, at twilight, preferably in a field, but a park, the woods or even your own kitchen works too.

    You Will Need

  • Something agricultural you can sort. e.g.: seeds, nuts, beans, corn, rice etc.

  • Something to dig with

  • Small pouch

  • Contemplate on the energy and qualities of Hestia, and how Virgo season embodies many of her attributes.  You may choose to meditate on another goddess if you are drawn to.

  • Light the candle in honor of the Goddess

  • Give thanks for that which you are now harvesting from the seeds you planted at Imbolc.  Recall how you nurtured these plans, dreams and goals; all the work you have done to bring them to fruition. Begin to mindfully separate your pile of seeds.

  • Reflect on the plans you must now sacrifice back into the earth.  What must you now let go of to go into the winter without any extra baggage, so that something new may be born at the next turn of the Wheel?

Bury the remaining seeds as a sacrifice to the Goddess. She will know to recycle them into something new. Nothing is ever wasted, only transformed.
Put the seeds which you have harvested in your pouch, and take them home to place on your altar to remind yourself of the hard work you have done this year, or use them to cook a ritual supper in honor of Hestia.

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Danielle is the Astrology columnist for SageWoman magazine and Banyen Books and Sound. She has studied Astrology for over 27 years, and has professional certification in Psychological Astrology. She works in private practice as an consulting Astrologer and Intuitive Holistic Counselor. Danielle holds a degree in Women's Studies, and is currently completing a second degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Counseling Psychology. She is a passionate scholar of the works of Carl Jung, mythology, and archetypal psychology, and works best with individuals who are on a psycho-spiritual growth path. Her essay Dancing in the Temple of the Queen of Heaven, was recently published in the anthology, A Mantle of Stars. Contact Danielle to book your next reading at


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