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There is no such thing as just a deck of cards. Each deck has a special energy or story to tell. They have a very distinct purpose and tend to be heavily imprinted with the essence of their creators. This blog will explore both tarot and oracle decks and delve into their story, their purpose and how best you as a reader can utilize the gifts and abilities each deck has to offer.

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New, Noteworthy and Pre-order Ready

Next month is heating up to be the month of Mega new releases. Yep its blockbuster season for decks and there are a couple I am just busting out of my skin to get my hands on. Because I am the type of person who likes to give and give again, I thought I would share with you my must have hit list for May.

Oh and if you can't wait that long you can pre-order most of them now. 

Must have number 1 - Chrysalis Tarot by Toney Brooks and Artist Holly Sierra, published through U.S Games.

I have been watching this deck come together on facebook and boy oh boy am I salivating over this deck. This deck is due for official release on May 10th but you can pre-order on Amazon right now. 

Must have number 2 - Silver Witchcraft Tarot by Barbara Moore with Artist Franco Fivolli published through Lo Scarabeo.

This is a Barbara Moore deck is there really any other reason needed to have this deck? I didn't think so. Official release date is April 30 but Amazon does have the pre-order page up and ready to take your money! 

Must have number 3 - Tarot of Delphi by J.D. Hildegard Hinkel, self published.

This deck is the result of crowd funding and was done through kickstarter. You have to love that. I for one am a huge supporter of the self publishing market. As a deck creator myself I know what a huge undertaking this sort of project is. The official release date is stated as May with no day indicated. However they are taking pre-orders. 

Must have number 4 - The Burning Serpent Oracle by Rachel Pollack and Robert Place, Self published.

Surely I am not the only person on the planet thrilled that Rachel is producing another deck. I am super excited to get my hands on this deck. This deck is also the result of crowd funding this time through indiegogo. The packages they are offering are crazy cool and it is not to late to be apart of the funding campaign. Official release is May.

Must have number 5 - Alice Tarot by Baba Studio, self published. 

The first round of pre-orders of this deck are officially closed and I am glad I was quick enough to jump on that first round. That said I noticed today they are doing another option in May, hence why I have it on this list. This is another deck I have been watching as they put it together. Good Goddess is it amazing! Not that we expect anything less from Baba studio. 

Well that's a wrap on the must have's for May. If you have decks on your radar that I have not mentioned please place them in the comments section of this blog as I am always on the look out for upcoming, new and note worthy decks.

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Leeza Robertson is the most nonspiritual spiritual person you will ever meet. Her resistance to the New Age way of life set her on spiritual quest like no other. This began in 2006 when Leeza was first introduced to the concept of power animals. Then in 2008 she had her very first encounter with the fae world, which lead to her numerous radio interviews on shows like the very popular Tarot Talk. In 2009 Leeza lost her site due to a sinus infection. In this 3mth blindness she started seeing tarot spreads and cards along with images of the people the readings where for. In 2011 Leeza made a conscious choice to take her relationship with tarot to a much deeper level and that is when she began writing about tarot, the cards and teaching others the many mysteries of the ever unfolding path that is tarot. Today she is a member of the American Tarot Association and runs a monthly study group called Tarot and Tea. In 2013 Leeza was approached by Llewellyn World Wide to produce her very first Tarot deck, The Awakened Animal Tarot. Through the creation of this deck Leeza has forged an even stronger bond with the cards, their energy and the deeper aspects of their archetypal teachings.


  • Toney Brooks
    Toney Brooks Thursday, 17 April 2014

    Thanks very much for the kind words, Leeza. We're very excited about Chrysalis Tarot!

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