Everything is getting this lovely rosy glow, my heart is just brimming with love for my dear ones... like the colors lighting up just before sunset... why did I ever think of going on this crazy adventure?

Tomorrow this time I will be checking in for Johanneburg, South Africa, to then continue to the wilderness. Two days and night I will be alone on a ridge, overlooking the savannah and maybe spotting lions and elephants.. while leopards roam where I sit, eagles and condors fly around my head..

It all sounded so beautiful. And now it's close, my whole heart wants to stay here, my garden budding, my friendships flowering... 

And I know, this is the magic of the quest. It will open my heart until it breaks, and then wide open I will be in liminal space, in between the worlds, open to what life wants to show me. I've done this before, luckily. I've guided hundreds through the process. Hadn't quite expected it to go so deep this time.

My intention: 

Wild Moon Woman

You were not made to be tame

You are an Earthquake

Shaking loose

Everything that is not soul

Shake, woman, shake


I will be alone in ritual space most likely 12 & 13 April. If you feel like tuning in, holding space and maybe burning a candle, I will be very grateful. For I know that I do this not only for myself. Your presence matters.

Thank you for being here and reading this <3