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A Priestess is a woman who acts as a conduit between the Heavenly and the Earthly realms, as our world shifts and turns and re-awakens it's ties to the Divine Feminine the role of the Priestess is once again coming out into the light of day. The Priestess Grove is a sanctuary of Priestess tools, ideas and inspiration to encourage the growth and re-emergence of Goddess consciousness back into the third dimensional world.

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Priestessing through the Darkness

There is a Divine Discord that exists within each one of us. I know this to be true because I see it all around me, consumerism is the easiest place to spot the divine discontent. 


This discontent is sometimes referred to as a "God shaped hole" in recovery circles. When people come together for recovery they acknowledge that the addiction that they were compelled to feed was really a monstrous distraction from the real need, a spiritual experience.


There are a million little addictions that fill the lives of each human, addictions that are microcosmic ways that we attempt to satiate this divine longing within. I have been acutely aware of this inner longing the past few days. 


The quaint little life that I was feeling called to create for my young family has unfolded and is settling into place, my daughter is happy, we have our Waldorf days together while my very attractive and gentle loving husband works to maintain a sense of financial security. In the evenings he takes over and I get some time to write or do yoga, or to watch some Netflix, once my daughter is in bed we have our alone time together, we make love, play games, meditate together and watch some shows. It's an ideal life, one that I would have happily fantasized about when I was a lonely and insecure angst filled maiden.


Yet, here I was surrounded by nature, with my lovely daughter by my side, the breeze rustling our hair, a nap for the both of us looming and all I could feel was a giant, gaping hole within that nothing outside of me could fill. This is a space that I am intimately connected to, one that I used to live most of my hours in when I was a young girl. I thank Goddess that this discontent, this morose sense, is one that comes rarely to me nowadays and that it generally stays in the realm of morose rather than the deep, dark realm of depression that I used to trudge through in my younger years.


What is glaringly obvious to me is that this inner space of sadness is not circumstantial. I didn't ever question the darkness that I lived in when I was younger, it made sense to me, I was living in a chaotic and abusive home, my lovers were abusive, I abused substances, I lived in abuse, of course I was depressed. What I couldn't see was that abuse was a continuing cycle in my life because of my inner state. While I hadn't had control over the circumstances that I was growing up in, without proper education I was allowing the outsides to seep in and that was creating an inner realm of abuse that I was feeding and growing, the more I veered towards abuse the darker my insides became. 


Thankfully I grew up, I found a spiritual path and my insides changed. Ancestral patterns were shifted, wounds were mended, conditioning transcended.


Because my insides changed so did my outsides. I was attracted to a loving and gentle man, I had safe and kind people that I surrounded myself with, I lived in a beautiful home, I was inspired in my work and life continued to unfold in a more and more ideal way, minus life's general hiccups along the way.


I was confused the first time a wave of despair hit me in my 'new life', I knew intellectually about the spiritual principle which stated that my outsides reflected my inner state, I wasn't, however, prepared for my outsides to be sunny while my insides began to darken. 


As I was walking amongst the autumn foliage with my daughter the other day when my darkness descended, I began to understand that Maslow's hierarchy of needs was in application, that at that moment I was climbing atop the Maslow mountain peek. Maslow's hierarchy teaches that our level of development and focus depends upon how well our basic needs are met, once our bodily needs are cared for we can focus on safety and security, once our security is cared for we can focus on love, once our sense of being loved is cared for we can focus on our self esteem and once our esteem has been cared for, then we have the opportunity to self actualize. When I first studied Maslow's  hierarchy in college I had made a naive assumption that caring for the lower tiers of the triangular diagram would = self actualization, it hadn't dawned on me that arriving at the top of the triangle was simply an opportunity to begin the self actualization process, one that's final results will no doubt be sparkly and joy filled and blissful, the path to which is a winding spiral of light and dark.


On this autumn day of discontent my basic needs were all finally fulfilled, I had a bank account with savings, a husband that was at work, we had just found a new home for our family to live in, I was adored by my daughter, Beloved and community, I had integrated years of personal development work and had as healthy an esteem than I'd ever had and all of this fulfillment added up to the perfect opportunity for me to take a great big leap within, right into the centre of my inner void, the space within that can only be fulfilled with conscious contact with the Spirit of the Universe. 


Once I recovered from the sinking sensation, from the temptation to just wallow in a depressed energetic cloud of grey I began to re-evaluate my spiritual life, I was ready to expand and I was ready to grow closer in my relationship with the Goddess, She was shining a light on all of the area's within that were waiting to awaken to Her presence. 


This is it, the moment I've been waiting for, all of the stage is set with such privilege, privilege that many people in our world today don't ever get to experience. This privilege isn't here as a gift to merely enjoy, (though that is defiantly a benefit of the privilege), rather is it here as a responsibility to the world, one that I am meant to use to raise my vibration and to add a higher vibration to our earth plane. This space is here to enable me to have the vitality, the safety, the support and the faith to fulfill my destiny of becoming a pure vessel for the Great Goddess to live and move through on earth. In order for this destiny to be fulfilled I must be willing to unearth and to reveal all of the dark, all of mystery and all of the unconscious programming and conditioning within. 


The cycle of the year is in perfect alignment with these deep and profound lessons, the autumn season is shaking the earth bare, death and decay are covering the ground, Samhain is around the corner, the veils will part, the departed will visit and all that has been hidden and feared will come to the surface to be acknowledged and learned from. This is a process that is occurring both within and without of me, that is the way that it is on the priestess' path, Mother Gaia moves us in rhythm with her wheel, we revel and play in her sunny seasons and we grow and wither in her dark and cold times.


I am surrendered right now. I am enjoying my blessings, the depression has dispersed, I am cocooning and preparing, each night my meditations are deepening, my head sways, my inner self feels like Alice falling down, down, down, I feel my energetic self shifting and twisting, much is happening that is a complete mystery to my intellect. I am staying surrendered and trusting, I am letting it all fall apart and I am waiting on Goddess, waiting for Her to fill the spaces within that didn't get filled by my wishes and fantasies coming true. 


I am forever thankful to find that nothing on the outside will ever touch this inner space, it frees me from dependency upon others, it takes the power of conditions away and it empowers me to be the Goddess in each and every phase of my life. 


I bow down with awe and amazement at the power of the wheel of the year, a new autumn, a new Samhain around the corner and a new opportunity for transformation and transcendence, I prepare to face the dead within me, resurrecting it to be reborn and to be heard one final time as I also prepare to resurrect the spirit of those that have passed, those that will visit and teach me the deepest lessons from beyond.


This is how I priestess, as within so without, as above so below. The dead within and the dead without, a never ending kaleidoscope of truth and reflection that the priestess in me weaves and integrates, watching as the tapestry of the universe comes together within my awakening consciousness.


As this autumn season continues to darken, as the spirits walk closer beside us and the wind howls and rattles our bones, let us all come together and allow Spirit to move through us, to unveil us, to awaken us, to expand us and to transform us. The priestess within each one of us is here to be the bridge between worlds, between the heavens and earth and between the lower realms and earth, bridging the gap between these energetic realms we bring higher awareness and a higher vibrational resonance to this planet. The deep work that we commit to right now, at this time of the year, in this moment of time will reverberate forever onwards, it will change the destiny of the next generations to come. 


We are the priestesses of the new world, let us be brave and raw as we dive into the darkness of this season.


Many deep blessings for this Samhain to come, much love and faith your way and may we all find the fulfillment of our Goddess shaped hole deep within the recesses of our soul.


Grace Be With You,

Priestess of Grace,

Candise Soaring Butterfly 



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Candise is an ordained Priestess, a professional psychic channel, writer, workshop, ceremony and ritual facilitator and an energy worker.
She is a Priestess of Grace who works with the Butterfly Spirit which is her totem.
Candise practices a faith that she has named 'Lunar Mysticism'. In mysticism we acknowledge One Source and recognize all else as human hypnotism. In Lunar spirituality we embrace duality and marry it, forming non-duality. It is through the practice of Lunar Mysticism that Candise utilizes ritual as a tool to see beyond the hypnotic suggestion of this realm.
Priestess' have practiced the art of marrying the energies from this Earth realm and the Higher realms together for many moons now.
Mystics endeavour to find Source behind the suggestions of illusion.
Thus the Lunar Mystic approach to life is to marry the Truth of perfection with the human experience. This is the path that Candise Priestess', the Spiral Path of Grace, the path of the Feminine Mystic.
Her services are offered both in person and via distance, one on one or in group settings, depending on what it is that you are in need of. You can find her services at :


  • Joanna van der Hoeven
    Joanna van der Hoeven Thursday, 29 October 2015

    A world of YES. Blessings of Samhain and winter to you. x

  • Candise
    Candise Wednesday, 04 November 2015

    Blessings to you too, dear sister xx

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