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I am intrigued with living and conceptualizing the emerging paradigm of the Sacred Feminine. May you experience this blog as a Circle where you can breathe in to who you are. May you find new dimensions to yourself.

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Pristine Priestess

You have a pristine forest inside of you. A sacred sanctuary. That is where your inner priestess lives. On an ego level, you are all sorts of things, like mother, daughter, artist, scientist, sportswoman, politician, lover, ... And, there is something else, of a very different order. Something that goes before everything else. Something that is more deeply rooted in your core, or even, that is the roots from which everything else sprouts. In you is a pristine forest. She is alive, Everytime you allow yourself to really sink into her, you die to all those other you's. You become one with the forest. You enter a primitive state. You connect to the primal forces inside of you. Sometimes still, sometimes fiery, sometimes howling, sometimes flowing.  Like the primal forces of the elements. Your life energy will start to flow again. You connect to a deep knowing, a primal knowing on who you are and what your life is about. You become pristine. From there, you can rise up again, rebirthing yourself. Rejuvenated, re-energized, re-created. This journey to your Sacred Space inside, is the journey of the Priestess. You can make it in seconds, minutes, hours, days, a lifetime. It is the natural cycle of women, our innate way to keep sane in an insane world.

When I started this blog, a few months ago, I challenged myself to make it a Sacred Space. A pristine place to re-create yourself. I feel in the above words I did just that. Please let me know if it had that effect on you?!

For actually, I find it quite hard to create a Sacred Space here. I find myself going off in interesting insights and experiences. In my rituals people celebrate me for the sacred space I hold. So what makes it so much harder to access it here?, I asked myself. What comes up is: my own pictures. My mind tells me that a blog should be interesting, fast, giving new insights. Aha. Witnessing my mind twist, I could start again.

Indeed, this blog started very differently. With my journey with the word 'priestess'. I always love that word, and years ago chose it very consciously above the word 'witch'. It still feels good. Recently I started wondering about the etymology of the word. The online etymology dictionary says: 

The word "priest", is ultimately derived from Greek, via Latin presbyter,[1] the term for "elder", 

On reading it, it just didn't feel right for me. It didn't touch my heart like the word priestess does. Priestessing is for me not about being an elder, though that may be a part of it. It was when I was recently guiding an Initiation Journey in the mountains of Crete that an insight came. I was stading there, alone, between rocks and seas and trees and wind and sun. I felt the pristine quality of nature resonating with the priestess work I was doing. And suddenly there was a click. Pristine and priestess! That feels really right. The priestess energy is for me defintely connected to the pristine mountains, the pristine forests, the pristine oceans. I felt it just had to be the same root. When I got a chance to look it up I found:

pristine, "pertaining to the earliest period, primitive, ancient". From Middle French pristin or directly from latin pristinus, "former, early, original", from Old Latin pri, "before", as in: prime.

So here was the word pri as the root of it all. Looking it up a bit further, pri is also in primitive, primal, and even in the prefix pre. I cannot prove it to be the same root as in priestess, but it is definitely plausible. And I can see how this would also to lead to the connotation of elder, as the ones who go before. 

How beautiful. The word priestess connects us to the earliest period, to the ancient, to the primal, primitive, pristine. To the unspoiled, the natural state. What a privilege to be a priestess! -Yes, same root again ;-)

Indeed, when I root myself in my priestess self, I enter this natural state. I start emenating the freshness of forest after the rain, of pristine jungles, of ice covered mountains. I become an alive sacred space. I die and am rebirthed. I become a temple to die and be reborn.

Priestesses are to the People what the Pristine Forests are to the Earth. 

Bless you,





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I offer Sacred Space Online Events and a Priestess Training in Avalon, Egypt, Crete and Netherlands. This is just the beginning of my bio, and I know it’s already so much. I published a book in Netherlands: Living In Bliss, The Path of Initiation in Ancient Goddess Cultures (in Dutch). What intrigues me now is leaving behind old structures and being ever more true to the moment. I live next to the sea with my dog and cat, and love travel and dancing. Read more about me on


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