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There is no such thing as just a deck of cards. Each deck has a special energy or story to tell. They have a very distinct purpose and tend to be heavily imprinted with the essence of their creators. This blog will explore both tarot and oracle decks and delve into their story, their purpose and how best you as a reader can utilize the gifts and abilities each deck has to offer.

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Tarot In Review

Have you ever been the only person to show up to an event early? Your just standing in a big empty space wondering if maybe you got the day wrong, while you check your phone again to see if anyone else is on their way. Well that is what writing this introductory blog post sorta feels like, the only difference is my empty room is virtual and I am pretty sure there is an echo in here.

But like any empty space it will eventually fill up, others will come and conversations will begin. Well as long as it really wasn’t the wrong day, that would just be awkward. Lucky for me blog posts are fleeting and don't stick around long, so if no one comes to join my empty space I wont know because I will have already moved on to the next post.

First let me introduce myself, my name is Leeza Robertson, I am a best selling author, coach, tarot deck creator and all round nut, though a friendly nut not a bat shit crazy sort of one. I am also Australian, so I do apologize if perhaps I use phrases that seem somewhat odd or strange. You'll get used to it, maybe.

So what is an Aussie nutter doing here taking up space you ask? Good question and I am so glad you asked, or was that just the echo in here....hmmm.

I am here to help you navigate your way through the every growing tarot marketplace. I will be reviewing decks both tarot and oracle as well as including a few tips, tricks and “how-to's” for each deck I review. Think of each post as a mini lesson on how to get the most of your new or potential new deck. Which means I can guarantee I have played with each and every deck I review. For a nut I have pretty strong ethics and I do not believe it is right to review something you have not taken the time to get to know, explore and dialogue with.

For me there are no bad decks, just misunderstood decks and I am here to bridge that gap and bring understanding to all who are in need of it. Decks can be intimidating, especially for those of you new to reading. So I am here to hold your hand and walk you through the initially “getting to know you” phases with your cards. Which means I am also open to suggestions of decks you would like to see me review. Just drop a recommendation or review request in the comments section of either this post of the ones after it.

I will also be exploring self published decks along with the ones coming out of the traditional publishing houses. I should let you know right off the bat I am working with Llewellyn World Wide to produce my own deck and its stupid crazy awesome! So be on the look out for updates of my own work through out our time together.

I also co-run a monthly tarot study group called Tarot and Tea here in my home town of Las Vegas, yep I live in Vegas baby. But just in case you don't live near the town of a million slot machines we are getting ready to launch our online group in May. You can find out more about that at

My aim for this blog is to be posting bi weekly but you never know, it might be more. Stranger things have happened, especially to me, but that's another post.

I look forward to getting to know all of you as you come and join me in my very large empty virtual space, the more peeps we get in here the less of an echo we will have.

Well now that all the introductions are over be on the look out as my first review post will be up shortly.

Here's to the unfolding journey that is Tarot,
Blessings of health and abundance to you and yours,


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Leeza Robertson is the most nonspiritual spiritual person you will ever meet. Her resistance to the New Age way of life set her on spiritual quest like no other. This began in 2006 when Leeza was first introduced to the concept of power animals. Then in 2008 she had her very first encounter with the fae world, which lead to her numerous radio interviews on shows like the very popular Tarot Talk. In 2009 Leeza lost her site due to a sinus infection. In this 3mth blindness she started seeing tarot spreads and cards along with images of the people the readings where for. In 2011 Leeza made a conscious choice to take her relationship with tarot to a much deeper level and that is when she began writing about tarot, the cards and teaching others the many mysteries of the ever unfolding path that is tarot. Today she is a member of the American Tarot Association and runs a monthly study group called Tarot and Tea. In 2013 Leeza was approached by Llewellyn World Wide to produce her very first Tarot deck, The Awakened Animal Tarot. Through the creation of this deck Leeza has forged an even stronger bond with the cards, their energy and the deeper aspects of their archetypal teachings.


  • Robin Gil
    Robin Gil Thursday, 03 April 2014

    Love the view from your window. Congratulations, your room won't be empty for long.

  • EileenFrances
    EileenFrances Friday, 04 April 2014

    The room is already full!!!! All the spirits of your futures guests are there waiting for their bodies to show up!!!!!
    Looking forward to picking up a deck when they are available!!
    Love and light for a wonderful future!!

  • Arwen Lynch
    Arwen Lynch Friday, 04 April 2014

    So glad you are here. I look forward to seeing new (and hopefully old?) decks here!

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