Today's card is from an oracle deck. Don't mind the dog hair. That was on my scanner but I didn't notice it. sigh. :D Funny how that gets everywhere, isn't it.

In a way it's like the crazy in our lives. That seems to seep into everything, doesn't it? Just when you sit down for a quiet moment with a book or a TV show, some version of that crazy pops up.

This card reminds us how to create our own sanctuary. It offers two key steps.

1. Calm and focus your mind.
2. Enjoy the moment.

I've talked before about the idea of "being in the moment." I've mentioned how hard that can be.

So today I'm going to do this. I'm not going to worry about worry. I'm not going to go crazy about the crazy. I'm going to let other people's monkeys roam where they like. There's no law that says I must chase after them.

In my current obsession, Mrs. Hughes says, "My opinion has no place in this." She's the housekeeper of Downton Abbey. So I'm adopting that as one of my phrases. Because so very often my annoyances and frustrations are because I'm expecting others to give a rat's ass what I think of their actions.

My opinion of others invites their crazy into my world so I am releasing that need to express what I think they should do. Not my circus. Not my monkeys.

Today, I mind my own moments. Today I focus on my own feelings. Today I am in charge of the space I am in. Today is about me, myself and I. I create my own sanctuary because I put myself first.Seek joy, y'all. Pass it on.

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