Hi and welcome to this round of the Tarot Blog Hop. We've now been doing this for a while.  How long have you been hopping along with us? I'm the wrangler for this blog. As the saying goes, I've only myself to blame. :D

My challenge was to discuss timing as it pertains to Tarot. I had some suggestions on what to discuss. I have two blogs on this hop so I shared a spread called "But When" on my other blog. For this one, I wanted to discuss the suits of the Tarot and how I use them for timing. YMMV of course. (Your Mileage May Vary means that what I hold to be true may be different from what you hold to be true.)

I associate the four seasons with the four suits. I don't know where I learned this but I suspect Eden Gray or Mary K. Greer since they were my first teachers (I bought their books, okay? LOL) In the thirty-eight years that I've been studying Tarot, my perception of the suits has been challenged but never swayed. I believe that I  will always associate them as follows.

Swords for me is East.  This is the suit of Air which is the intellect. The mind holds sway here. I think of things like the sun rising to key me into the possibilities of renewal. In my class, we explore how our mental choices are reflected in the Swords suit. The season for me is Spring because of the newness of this suit.

Then I turn to the South where Wands await me. This is fire, passion, spirit. I see this as soul purpose. It is the heat of movement and passionate feelings. Wands mean action so this is a very fast moving suit for me as well. The fastest being Air but Fire is a close second. So here is Summer (time, when the living is easy...)

The third suit is Cups which mean Water to me. And Water is the West.  I am heavily influenced by water in my natal chart so this is my favorite of the suits. Not surprisingly, my favorite season is also associated with this suit. That's Fall. I am an aficionado of moderate climes. This is the suit of emotions and of heart.

Finally, our last suit is Pentacles in the North. Money? Check. Physical? Check. Family, hearth, and home? Check check and check! Winter is my season for the North. There are some great arguments for a different season for this suit, but I can't wrap my head around it. North for me must be Winter. And this was even before Game of Thrones, mmkay? But! King of the North and "winter is coming" work for me.

I can also use this system of seasons as fast to slow (Spring being the fastest and Winter the slowest.) With this method, I can also add other times to my suits.






And so on. I would really enjoy hearing about your own timing work. How do you read for when? After you answer my question, please hop on to the next blog and don't forget to leave comments. Seek joy, y'all. Pass it on.