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Tarot can be used for many things including futurecasting. This blog will focus on Tarot as a tool for introspection including spreads, readings, individual card explorations and investigating themes of Tarot. You can expect discussions of magical uses of Tarot as well. If you have a question, please send it for possible inclusion in a blog topic.

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Theme, Blessing, Challenge

Over the years, I've developed an organic way of reading. Rather than use the Celtic Cross, I now do three card spreads that are meant to develop outward from the question. That's a bit awkward. Let me explain.

Say you ask me, "What do I need to know about February 2018?" I would draw three cards. The first would be the Theme card. This is the energy that is going to resonate with you in February. Going further, I drew a card so we could have a reading to look at.

b2ap3_thumbnail_ten-air.jpgThe Ten of Air (from the Gaian Tarot, limited edition, used with permission, no further rights granted) shows a flock of geese cutting across a pink and blue sky. I see it as sunset with the geese looking for a place to stop for the night. Where I live, this is a very common sight (and sound.) The artist and author, Joanna Powell Colbert, has shifted the traditional image of ten swords in the back of a prone figure to this one of geese. In this image, you will see a space on one leg of the vee-shaped formation while a goose flies up from the other leg. 

I read this card as leadership that learns how to delegate. The lead goose cannot lead the whole way. The aerodynamics of the vee help the following geese but the lead goose will tire. So it must fall back as another flies forward. So the energy of February will be about leadership learning to delegate--letting others lead the flock.


b2ap3_thumbnail_three-air.jpgThe next card is what I call the Blessing card. When I did my own yearly reading for my Metaphysician's Day Planner, I used three decks--one for the Theme, one for the Blessing, and one for the third position. For this example, I will stick with the Gaian.

Interestingly enough, the Blessing card is one many readers find to be a harsh card. The Three of Air (typically seen as the iconic heart with three items stabbing through it) is different in the Gaian. And it fits with my own understanding of the Three of Swords. This card is not about backstabbing and betrayal. Rather, it is the aftermath of same. Air is a mental suit for me so this is the energy of processing crap that's already occurred. An odd blessing, yes? But it is a blessing on the Theme so I could take it to mean that leadership will learn to delegate because of betrayals and grow from that.


b2ap3_thumbnail_two-water.jpgThe final card is the Challenge card. This card made me laugh. One of my reminders to my clients and those who enjoy my weekly Tarotscopes podcast is that sometimes the Challenge is the card to focus on. Particularly when you have cards in the Theme and Blessing spots that are less pleasing. Here is my own advice coming back to hoist me on my own petard. 

The Two of Cups shows a mature woman sharing a moment with her canine companion. The animal leaps up for a doggie hug while a waterfall plummets down behind them. The Challenge then is to find companionship where you can. Especially in the light of leadership that is having issues with backstabbing. I can't help but wonder if this speaks to our current political situation here in the States. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

In terms of how I might layer this reading, I would call out one card that I found particularly intriguing for whatever reason. Then I would pull clarifying cards for that card. If another question arose, I would then draw from the remaining cards using the same Theme, Blessing, Challenge pattern. For this test reading, my next question might be "How can I best navigate the coming month".

I'd love to hear from you. Test this method out. Let me know how it works for you.

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Professional Tarot conversationalist, Arwen Lynch has worked with Tarot as a vehicle for personal transformation since 1980. Her personal philosophy is that Tarot is best used to correct your life course. She is a published author (in romance, as Marilu Mann) as well as past president of the American Tarot Association (4/1/2007-4/1/2014). She specializes in helping people who are determined find their joy and writers who want to finish their book. She's an initiate of Wicca.


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