It's March, which here in the Northern Hemisphere marks the beginning of Spring. Back on the Dakota prairies where I grew up, March often blew in like a lion with brisk winds and rains, blowing away the last of the snow and ice. (Though sometimes it brought more snow...) Here in Texas, March comes in a little more gently most years, with warm balmy days and rain. Occassionally we end up with tornadoes and thunderstorms to mark the beginning of Spring, though those will often come closer to the end of the month.

However March manifests, it's one of my favorite months of the year. The Earth feels like she is taking a long, languid stretch after the cold Winter. Life begins to stir. It's time to till the soil, to plant seeds, to make ready for the growing season.

ostara-logoI'm excited to offer my Energizing Ostara! course at Mystery School of the Goddess to celebrate the season. This online, self-paced classed features ritual ideas, journal prompts, recipes, and craft ideas to celebrate the season. I hope you'll come and join me in welcoming the season, the Equinox, and the Goddesses of Spring.


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