Here in the Northern Hemisphere, it's nearly Summer Solstice. Thankfully, the Texas heat has (mostly) held off so far, and we've enjoyed some lovely temperate days. The full force of the Sun will surely arrive after the Solstice, but it's been a nice respite to have our days in the 80s and low 90s.Here in the high, bright days of June, the Winter Solstice seems very far off indeed.

As we approach the midpoint of the year, I've been doing a lot of reflecting on what it is I'm trying to create in my life, what I'm trying to manifest, and what I want for my future. My companion this week is a Winter Goddess, Berchta. Worshiped throughout what is now Germany, and one of the patrons of Midwinter, Berchta is thought to oversee spinning.  Cloaked in her mantle of snow, and sometimes pictured with swan's feet, Berchta is also the guardian of beasts and of mothers. (Her celebration at Winter Solstice is known as Mother's Night.) She is a great teacher and an initiator. And like other Goddesses associated with spinning, including the Fates and the Norns, she is also a Goddess of Destiny.


Berchta, by Kris Waldherr

"The seeds of the future already lie within you. Find serenity as it unfolds"

Berchta's message seems especially apt for me this week, as I have been in "make it happen" mode. Although I know in my deepest heart that when I try to force things, I am met with obstacles, I still get into a pattern where I find myself trying to make things happen instead of allowing them to happen. When I allow things to unfold, what results is better than I could have imagined. I don't mean that I abdicate responsibility and don't take steps towards my desires and dreams, but that I don't try to force an outcome. Lately, I've been closer to the outcome-forcing end of the spectrum.

So I'll be sitting with Berchta this week, spending time with Midwinter in the midst of Midsummer, and pondering the following questions:

What seeds lie within me?

How can I nurture those seeds?

What can I do to cultivate serenity in my life?

What can I do to cultivate more trust in my destiny and my path?

How can I ask others to support me?

How can I allow my destiny to unfold?