It's Springtime here in Texas -- though my friends in Chicago assure me it's still winter there -- and along with the bluebonnets and the longer days, that means it's almost finals time. Somehow this time of year is at least as busy for me in my professor role as it ever was for me as a student. I'm also staring down a summer of uncertain employment, as my faculty appointments are part-time. So it's been a time of excitement at new possibilities but also worries about what ifs, and in my typical fashion I've been internalizing and stressing and feeling as though I have to find a way to figure out an answer to the pressing questions of finances and career.

Thank Goddess that Tara decided to dance into my week!


          "Your wish can be granted if you ask for help"

Tara, the Tibetan Buddhist Goddess who often appears as white or green, is the "mother of liberation." Kris Waldherr characterizes her as Goddess of Intervention in The Goddess Inspiration Oracle. Tara is our guide, our mentor, and our compassionate friend. She reminds us that we are not alone, and that the Universe supports us as we journey towards our goals.

In Waldherr's Goddess Tarot, Tara takes the place of The Fool. Renamed Beginnings, she represents the first steps on the road to Enlightenment, the willingness to step out in faith even when we can't see the whole path. I needed her reminder that life is an adventure, and that if we are willing to keep putting one foot in front of the other and have faith that the path will unfold.

Some questions I'll be working with this week, and which I hope you'll consider as well...

What goals or dreams am I trying to manifest but need help with?

How can I ask for the support or help I need?

What resistance do I feel to the idea of asking for help?

How can I honor and release that resistance?

In what ways is the Universe supporting me in my journey and growth right now?

How can I support myself in my journey and growth?

How can I seek out others who will support my journey and growth?