Weekly Goddess Inspiration has been on a bit of an...extended hiatus...as the Priestess here has navigated some life changes. But we're back and ready to be inspired by the Feminine Divine in all Her beautiful forms. If you're new to this blog, Weekly Goddess Inspiration is a time when I pull a card from one of my many Goddess oracle decks to see what the energy for the week will be. This week, I'm pulling from The Goddess Inspiration Oracle by Kris Waldherr, which is one of my favorite decks to work with. 


Venus, from The Goddess Inspiration Oracle by Kris Waldherr

What more perfect Goddess for mid-February than Venus, the Queen of Pleasure herself? Venus often appears as what I call Roman Goddess Barbie in our culture -- vain, spoiled, jealous, not always very bright. We forget that she is Aprhodite -- born of the foam, self-created. She is the pure power of love in all its forms -- the power that can move mountains and transform lives, the power that triumphs over all the ills of the world if only we let it. 

Venus is here to remind us to notice all the love that surrounds us, even in -- especially in -- dark and threatening times. Take time this week to reflect on all the love in your life -- and not just romantic love, either. Allow yourself to take time to experience love, to express love to others, and to allow others to lavish love upon you. If you are feeling a lack of love and pleasure in your life, ask yourself how you can find more of this, or how you can more willingly welcome love and pleasure in its myriad forms into your life.

As you work with Venus this week, ask yourself these questions?

What does love mean to me?

How do I show my love to others?

How do I show love to myself?

What is it like for me to receive love? Do I resist love? 

What can I do to welcome more love and pleasure into my life?

What can I do to better appreciate and experience the love in my life?