You don’t need to fix anything,
it is okay to let your feelings feel, b2ap3_thumbnail_68513579_2397020617176813_5076035239403323392_o.jpg
to let your swoops swoop,
to let your not-knowing not-know,
to let your hope soar
and then plummet,
to let your joy be joyful,
to let your tears be hot.

without fixing.

As part of my ongoing Living the Questions free e-class this year, I offer you this brief audio about Adversity and Normalcy

Questions to consider:

  • How might the dualism between normal and not normal be causing you pain?
  • Are you telling yourself that because something feels challenging, that means it is wrong? How might things shift if you viewed difficulties or adversity as part of normal life?
  • Are you demanding too much of yourself, causing yourself cruelty?
  • Where might you need an "of course" response in your life?

May you enjoy some time to rest and reflect, to consider and evaluate, to listen and to be. May you live the questions, love your life, and witness without fixing.