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Good Witch vs. Bad Witch: How Do I Know If I'm a Witch?

"How can I know for sure if I'm a witch?

My sister says we come from a family of witches for generations, but I'm not sure... My whole family, aside from me, is very sensitive to the spiritual and paranormal, and I have had a few run-ins where I could have predicted what was about to happen. Also, I've had a few very very few cases of mind control: me making people forget, making people bring me things etc. Other than than, my life is normal... Am I really a natural born witch who just hasn't learned how to focus and control her natural abilities?"

Nadia from Norway

Good Witch says:

Dear Nadia,

Many people are born with talents useful to witches — things like clairvoyance, natural sensitivity to earth energies, and the ability to communicate with animals or the dead. And some people are lucky enough to be born into families with histories of witchcraft. However neither of these things make them witches.

In my opinion, even if you’re the ritually-conceived love child of Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente, born on a full moon in a magic circle on an altar with a pentacle in the center, surrounded by candles and burning incense and Carmina Burana blaring in the background, you can’t be born a witch.

This sounds like a bummer, but it’s actually a very good and powerful thing. Deciding to be a witch — rather than just joining the family business, as it were — is an incredibly potent choice. When witches do magic or ritual, they’re focusing their intent and their power — their will — toward making something happen. In my opinion, making the choice to be a witch — aligning your will with the path of witchcraft, dedicating yourself to this learning — is one of the most profound magical acts you can do.

Besides, what kind of witch would you be if you weren’t a witch by choice but by birth? If you hadn’t opted in? A half-hearted one at best. It’s like people who inherit things and don’t appreciate them because they didn’t earn or work for them. Making the choice yourself to be a witch — or not — matters.

So no, you’re not a witch unless you decide you’re going to be a witch. If you want to be, find a teacher, read books, study online, find friends to explore with, and maybe hit up some of your family members for family traditions that have been passed down. (Norway has awesome magical traditions!) If you don’t want to be, you can find other ways to use your many talents, such as healing. The important thing is to remember that it’s your choice which path you walk.


Good Witch

Bad Witch sez:

Dear Nadia,

Ever been to one of those posh shops where there are no prices marked on anything? Where the subliminal message is “if you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it.” The same is true here — if you have to ask, you probably ain’t. If you are unsure as to whether you are a witch or not, you aren’t ready to be one — whether you are or not.

Let me put it this way — if you haven’t begged your relatives for more information, what are you waiting for? If you care about your nascent abilities, why aren’t you practicing them? You say you may have been able to predict what was going to happen — work on it until you perfect it. . Analyze your dream life. Do small acts of magic and see if they work, like finding lost items or changing the weather or winning the lottery. Do you have precognitive dreams? Analyze them. Your wishy-washy attitude doesn’t say much about your overall level of witchiness, now, does it?

Talk to this sister of yours and get the details. Where is your curiosity, kid? “..a family of witches for generations..” What? Who are they? Grandmother? Grandfather? Who? Why were they called witches? Were they healers, midwives?

How can you not be dying to find out all this stuff? Honestly, I am in despair about this. Really.

And it’s ironic that there are so many people in the US who love calling themselves witches, whether they have any ability or not. And here you are being shy about it. If you want it, sister, claim it. Be it! Then ask all your relatives about their natural abilities. If you have the right stuff, get with the program — heaven knows, the world can use all the magic it can get.

—Bad Witch

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Aryós Héngwis (or the more modest Héngwis for short) is a native of the Pontic-Caspian steppe, born some 5000 years ago, near the village of Dereivka. In his youth he stood out from the other snakes for his love of learning and culture, eventually coming into the service of the local reǵs before moving westward toward Europe. Most recently, Aryós Héngwis left his home to pursue a new life in America, where he has come under the employ of BBI Media as an internet watchdog (or watchsnake, if you will), ever poised to strike the unwary troll.


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