How much do you know about global warming? A look at the peculiar phenomenon of collective misremembering. And a profile of the EPA's new agency head. It's Earthy Thursday, our segment about science and Earth-related news. All this and more for the Pagan News Beagle!

How much do you know about global warming? If you want to put your knowledge to the test, National Geographic is hosting a quiz on their website that you can take here.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. made headlines earlier when he issued a $100,000 challenge for "proof" that vaccines aren't harmful. The problem? Vaccines have already been proven to be safe. It's just that people like Kennedy don't believe the facts.

Have you ever felt like you remembered something only to find out it never happened? Have you then ever encountered another person who had the exact same false memory? If so you may have experienced what some people call the "Mandela effect." Discover Magazine covers the bizarre phenomenon here.

It's good often time to keep and open mind. It's also healthy to be skeptical. The difficulty is figuring out when to be which. Unfortunately, the consequences of embracing unproven techniques can sometimes actually be harmful, as this report from the Scientific American discussing the impact of homeopathy on children reveals.

Recently, Betsy Devos sneaked through a Senate confirmation to lead the Department of Education on one vote, cast by Vice President Mike Pence in his capacity as the President of the Senate. But while Devos is probably the Trump appointee who's faced the most challenging confirmation hearing, she certainly isn't the only one who should be criticized. Environmentalist website Grist takes a look at the troubling record of Scott Pruitt, the new EPA director.