It's Earthy Thursday once more, our weekly news post about nature and science. This week we bring you stories about those magnificent, high-reaching biological structures we commonly know as "trees." Can you email a tree? How about build a church out of living trees? And are trees good for your health? All this and more for the Pagan News Beagle!

Emailing a tree may sound like a wacky sci-fi concept but the city of Melbourne, Australia has actually set up a system in which several trees throughout the city have been given an ID and email address. Although the system was originally intended for the purpose of letting citizens notify the city of "dangerous branches" and other tree-related problems it has given rise to an unintended "but positive" consequence: people sending thousands of letters of appreciation and love to the city's trees.

Most churches are made of wood, itself the byproduct of trees. But could you make a church (or any other building for that matter) out of living trees? In New Zealand one man decided to try and after 4 years has something to show for his efforts. Take a look at bored panda's photos of this inspired piece of architecture.

What do people really think about vaccines? Polling and research firm Pew Research decided to take a look and has collected 5 important facts about vaccines and the public's view of them. If you're curious about the issue, go ahead and check their report out.

For over a century, petroleum (aka oil) has been regarded as the "black gold," the commodity upon which our entire economy runs and thrives. But could it's time be near an end? Science and technology website Gizmodo takes a look at one of the possible replacements for oil as a fuel source: biofuel made from genetically engineered algae.

Many people find the sight of trees calming or even spiritually invigorating. And it's well-known that on a global scale, trees and other forms of vegetation play an important role in regulating our oxygen supply. But on a smaller scale, could trees actually be good for your individual health? That's the finding of some scientists, as reported by The Washington Post.

Top image by Milo44