Violence against a religious and ethnic minority in Southeast Asia. A major city in the Caucasus gets a plan for revitalization. And a horrific story out of Chechnya in southern Russia. These are some of this week's news for Fiery Tuesday, our segment about political and societal news from around the globe. All this and more for the Pagan News Beagle.

For years, Mynamar's ethnic and religious minority group, the Muslim Rohingya people, has been marginalized and pressured into emigration by the country's Buddhist majority. Despite the overwhelming evidence the country has repeatedly denied the issue, drawing even more intense scrutiny as a result. The Bangkok Post, based out of neighboring Thailand, has more.

Sugar (or rather, the group of biochemical compounds also known as carbohydrates) is what keeps life going; it's the fuel that drives our cells and gives us the energy to move, think, and do everything else that we're capable of. But could it also fuel an energy grid? Ethiopia is now constructing several factories that are intended to do more or less that.

The easy access to data we take for granted now has revolutionized any number of fields, from banking to medicine. And it's also impacting how urban planners design cities. The Financial takes a look at Tbilisi, the capital of the Caucasian country Georgia and how data analysis is being used to reshape the city.

Sadly, the life experiences of many modern indigenous peoples are often ignored or overlooked. As a result, when crimes against them happen they often go unnoticed. Perhaps that's why so many indigenous women in Canada have gone missing, to the point that now, finally, people are beginning to take notice.

A decade ago, Chechnya was still best known as a contentious zone of the former Soviet Union, with many within the nation desiring independence while the Russian Federation took military action to prevent its secession. Now, however, Chechnya is firmly under Russian dominance and its governor is a close ally of Vladimir Putin. His rule does not mean Chechyna is at peace however as increasing reports have arisen that Chechnya is interning and torturing LGBTQ people on a massive scale.

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