A Pagan online journal looks for fundraising help. A solitary practitioner talks about his conversion experience. And we take a look at the side effects of "astral bleed-through." It's Watery Wednesday, our weekly segment on news about the Pagan community! All this and more for the Pagan News Beagle!

It's that time of the year around: fellow Pagan journal and online hub The Wild Hunt is looking for more donations. If you're interested in supporting their content and keeping them online, check out their page at IndieGoGo where they're collecting contributions.

Meanwhile, Gods&Radicals is looking for contributions of another kind: from essayists, artists, and poets interested in making an appearance in their print magazine A Beautiful Resistance. You can find the call for submissions here.

Many of us are converts to Paganism, rather than having been raised within it. If so, what was your original conversion experience like? Was it easy or difficult? Were your friends and family supportive or did you keep your conversion a secret from them? At In the Deserts of Seth, G.B. Marian describes what  his conversion was like.

For a lot of Pagans, a big part of our spiritual journey is finding a community to which we belong. But sometimes, even when we do, we feel a bit like an outsider. At Polytheist.com, Hélio talks about "feeling like a Dornishman" (a reference to the popular Game of Thrones book/TV series).

Most Pagans are content to work with the gods and some simple magic. But others are interested in more esoteric subjects like astral projection or planewalking. But what happens when you cross the barrier between experiences and bring something back with you? The Twisted Rope covers the effects of "astral bleed through."