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Milagros: Little Miracles For All

Little Miracles For All
by article and photos by Joan Robinson-Blumit  

Miracles. Except for the most cynical, the majority of us want to believe that miracles can occur; and, in fact, extraordinary things do happen in seemingly hopeless situations. Frequently the miracle is attributed to a Higher Power, whose intercession is believed to come after we contact them.

As Pagans many of us utilize spells, often likening them to prayers. We also fashion amulets, talismans and charms, imbuing them with our energy or with requests to our gods to protect, cure, or assist us.

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Make Your Own Love Altar


©2012 Holly Golightly

Make Your Own Love Altar!
by LaSara Firefox 

I love sex. I love talking about it, writing about it, reading about it, and having it.

I also love writing in general, mostly on the topics of sex and sexuality, feminism, and “alternative” lifestyle choices. (I always want to ask “Alternative to what?”) I work in the sex industry as a sideline, I’m a sex educator and self-proclaimed expert, a Witch, neo-feminist, mother of two, and wife to a supercool guy.

Through the years I have chosen to participate in a wide variety of relationship styles including polyamory, monogamy, singleness-by-choice, and celibacy, and see the benefits that each held for me. I’m a queer identified sex-radical, married to the father of my kids, and my husband and I are committed to egalitarian child rearing, career development, and in clear communication in our primary relationship and beyond.

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