One Witch’s Way

One Witch’s Way
Bronwynn Forest Torgerson
Llewellyn Publications, 2008

“Not just another worn-out Sabbat book,” begins the press release for long-time Craft practitioner Bronwynn Forest Torgerson’s debut book, One Witch’s Way. A solitary Witch with decades of Craft experience, active in her local Interfaith and CUUPS chapters, Torgerson brings her considerable knowledge and intuition to bear in a unique and lively “magickal memoir.”

Unlike typical Sabbat-spell books, Torgerson doesn’t put forth any doctrine regarding the Wheel of the Year or its vast wealth of lore and magick. She doesn’t focus on the Eight Great Sabbats or go deeply into magickal theory. What she does is assign a magickal theme to all twelve months of the Year, and from there lay out a wealth of memoirs, stories, rituals, charms, and thought-provoking questions.

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